Help me recycle my old electronics
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Can anyone recommend a cheap (i.e. doesn't charge or barely charges) place to recycle electronics (very old computer, monitor, scanner, printer) in North Jersey?

I'm moving cross country in a week. Taking dead electronics with me isn't an option, and while I don't want to carry the guilt of just throwing this stuff away, I don't want to have to pay someone to take this off my hands to recycle (my wife found a couple of places that want to charge us over $100).

I'm located in Jersey City, but can get anywhere in the area, although I'd prefer not to have to drive into NYC.
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I'd volunteer to take it off your hands, but my wife would kill me.

IIRC, Supreme Computers and Electronic Recycling is up your way, but they probably want a disposal fee, though I know they do occasional free drop-off services down here in South Jersey.

If you're taking a moving van or driving, and traveling down I-78, EZ-PC Recycling might be on your way?

Jersey City govt. seems to think they offer electronics recycling: maybe calling this guy during business hours on Monday might provide some information.
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Wow - I had no idea that JCIA stood for 'Jersey City Incinerator Authority' - Sounds like an Orwellian Superhero.
Here's their 'special recyclables' page, and while it dosen't mention computers specifically, for almost everything else they suggest you either drop it off at the main office or schedule a pickup ((201) 432-4645 ext. 600).
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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Goodwill in my area takes old computers and peripherals and resells them in their thrift stores. You might want to see if that option is available from the Goodwill in Jersey City.
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I live nearby in Secaucus and I got rid a bunch of electronics during one of their Hazardous Waste Events.

Although, I think they'll accept electronic stuff anytime, you'll have to call to see how.
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