Who first rapped "my name is __ and I'm here to say..."
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In what rap song do we first hear this much-imitated lyric pattern? "my name is ____ and i'm here to say... [followed by a line that rhymes with 'say']" Was there an actual sincere use of this rhyme by a hip-hop artist, or was this conceived of as a joke from the start? It may be hard to have an answer for sure, but perhaps we can approach the origins by listing examples and dates for the examples. One of the more ridiculous instances I've seen is the Sushi K rap in Snow Crash.
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I remember a commercial for the Flintstones Cereal called "Fruity Pebbles" that had a rapping Barney singing,

"My name is Bareny Rubble and I'm here to say, I love Fruity Pebbles in a major way!"

...and then Dino breaks up the turntables with his tail or something.
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I think you are referring to Rappers Delight, although the line in question goes:
see, I am wonder mike and I'd like to say hello

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"I'm Chiquita Banana, and I've come to say
Bananas must ripen in a special way"

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Not a hip-hop tune, but the Chiquita Banana Song dates to 1944. I always figured the "I'm... and [I've come] to say..." thing started there.
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Damn you, ikkyu!
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I don't think that real hip-hoppers used this sincerely for very long- it's such a simplistic rhyme, hip hoppers of the late 70's and early 80's quickly outgrew this wordplay- if you listen to the Threacherous Three's New Rap Language for example, from 1980, they would run circles around this sort of rhyme. After that point anyone who used the "My name is "x" and I'm here to say" is using it ironically or they're clueless:

For example the Barney Rubble rap was more on the lines of:
"I'm the master rapper and I'm here to say
I love Fruity Pebbles in a major way!
The bedrock yellow orange purple lime and red
But to get that fruity taste, I gotta trick Fred!"

and then of course there's Homer Simpson's plow rap:

I'm Mr. Plow, and I'm here to say,
I'm the plowin'est guy in the USA.
I got a big plow and I'll move a lot of things,
Like your cow if you have one.
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I can't find the lyrics online but I remember the Fat Boys rapping on the Sun City album something like, "We're the three Fat Boys and we're here to say, we're gonna stop apartheid in our own way." That was in 1985.
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Mel Brooks' 'Htler Rap' was a single associated with the re-make of To Be or Not to Be from 1983. It begins with
My name is Adolph and I'm on the mike
I'm gonna hip you to the story of the new Third Reich
It's apparently been covered by The Whitest Kids You Know.
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Also, no real origin point seems to exist but there may be some clues in Kurtis Blow's History of Rap collection

My guess is that this was a cliche before the first hip hop singles or albums were ever made.
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Well, they call me Sweetness, and I like to dance
Runnin' the ball, is like makin' romance
We didn't come here looking for trouble
We just came here to do the Super Bowl Shuffle
-- 1985 Chicago Bears
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Well my name is DMC, the all-time great
I bust the most rhymes in New York state
-- Run DMC, Run's House

My name is DMC, the one ya know,
the all time great gonna steal the show,
-- Run DMC, Bounce

My name is DMC, I tell no lie
And I graduated from Cooley High
-- Run DMC, Together Forever
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"My name is Peaches
And I'm the best
All the DJ's want
To feel my breasts"

- from the movie "Coming to America", rapped by a girl in a club to Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall
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Rapper's Delight, as mentioned above, probably inpsired more of these nods than the Chiquita Banana song. In the same way that "ho-tel, mo-tel, holiday innnn" became a hip hop trope. Simplistic, yes, but you also get credit for respecting the old school, so it pops up a lot.
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I'm glad you said it was from 'Coming to America,' Asparagirl, because, otherwise, I would've guessed the Canadian electroclash-or-whatever artist.

"I'm DMC, in the place to be/
I went to John Jay University/
And since kindergarten I acquired the knowledge/
And after twelfth grade I went straight to college."
-- Run-DMC, Down With the King
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"We're J.J. Fad and we're here to rock
Rhymes like ours could never be stopped"
-J.J. Fadd, Supersonic, 1988
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