Reccomend a good Macbook Pro sleeve?
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I'm looking for an inexpensive protective sleeve for a 15" Macbook Pro, with a handle. It will be slipped inside a backpack. Any recommendations? Challenge: Can't be ugly.
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Booq Bags Vyper M2
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I love my Timbuk2 laptop sleeve. It's a tiny bit bulky, but it does fit into a bag nicely, and it has a handle as well. It's not ugly, and it comes in several fun colors.

They're around $30 new, I think - but I picked mine up used on eBay for around $20.
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I second the recommendation for the Vyper M2. Even without a handle, I haven't found anything else for Apple laptops that matches it in terms of style, fit, and finish.
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Look into Tom Bihn's stuff.
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RadTech has some stuff like the Sleev or NeoCase. There are some others styles in between those two.

Or this Horizontal Boot from Spire.
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Acme Made's "The Slim" solid colors and designer prints are my favorite, design-wise, but are pricey. $80-$175

Victorinox makes a great basic sleeve with handles: Slimline. Comes in silver and pistachio (and black). $45

Tom Bihn makes the Monolith. Vertical-loading nylon sleeves with handles in several solid colors. $45

The following are very stylish, but don't have handles.

Kate's Paperie makes sleeves with funky prints. $40

Fabrix Laptop Cases come in a wide variety of funky/classic/sophisticated prints and colors, is available in horizontal- or top-loading, and is very affordable (the prices are $17-$20, not currently listed since they're sold out until next week).

Very cute poppy pattern neoprene sleeve at Uncommon Goods. $34
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I was just about to ask this same question --- great thread.
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I had a Tom Bihn sleeve that had the infamous label for my PowerBook. My MacBook is just a little wider so it is a very snug fit. I'd imagine Tom Bihn has updated its line for the 15.4" notebooks. Sounds like exactly what you are looking for.

For my MacBook I went with Booq for a bag with a small pouch for the power adapter.
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I triple (Quadruple?) the Tom Bihn suggestion. I've never been so pleased with a container before.
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I carry my PowerBook inside a WaterField SleeveCase, inside a Filson. Both recommended.
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inCase laptop sleeve? (if the link doesn't work, search for "incase macbook sleeve".) handle, optional strap, padding, few small pockets.
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I third the WaterField sleeve (side-loading, if-you-please!). I reckon it cost me about $40, so you could likely do cheaper, but it's fantastic.
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mrg-I had the neoprene inCase sleeve (I bought it along with the MBP at the Apple Store) and I hated it. It wasn't very protective.

floam: get a Monolith from Tom Bihn to slip in your backpack. IIRC either $45 or $50, worth its weight in gold.
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I bought a cheap Marware case from the apple store for my 14.1" Thinkpad, and it works very, very well. I think it ran me $24 or so. Looks fine (all balack, leather/fake leather bottom/sides, cloth body). Plenty of padding. Fits into my messenger bag.
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I use the Victorinox sleeve (~$30). Just add a strap from anywhere or you can slip into a backpack easily.
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