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What are your favorite Nintendo DS games?

I recently picked up a DS Lite and started playing video games again. Any suggestions on quality titles (both single and multiplayer since I spend most of my game-playing time withing the range of WiFi). I already own Animal Crossing and Tetris (duh!).

Upcoming titles to look out for would be appreciated as well.
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The best DS games are VERY hard to find, but the most fun I've had with the system is Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS! GET IT?!) and Advance Wars.

I hear Pheonix Wright is great, but I've been looking for a copy for 6 months to no avail :(
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New Super Mario Bros! Sure, it's a riff off (not a rip-off!) of the old NES version but all the modern twists are just so clever and innovative... a really enjoyable gaming experience.

I guess that's an obvious title too though, but I don't think the DS game library is that extensive yet.
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The New Super Mario Brothers is absolutely brilliant. It's the best 2D Mario to date. Great level design, tons of hidden stuff, a mix of old and new. I love it.
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I heard Diddy Kong Racing is being developed for the DS. I loved the 64 version so I can't wait for that.
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Brain Age is pretty fun
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The ones I play most are Brain Age, Big Brain Academy and Mario Kart DS.
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The new Mario and Mario Kart DS are the only things I play.
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Yeah, New Super Mario Bros is utterly superb. There aren't many platform games that're so incredibly polished and so much fun to play.

Other than that, Kirby: Power Paintbrush (innovative, fantastic platform game in which you draw platforms for your round character to roll on); Advance Wars: Dual Strike (great pick-up-and-play strategy game); Wario Ware: Touched (frantic three-second touchscreen minigames); Meteos (beautiful action-puzzle game - a little like Tetris in reverse, but played with the stylus) and the aforementioned Mario Kart DS. Metroid Prime: Hunters is well worth a look if you enjoy playing deathmatches online, as well, although I'd steer clear if you're prone to hand cramps - the control method isn't for everyone.

If you're not averse to importing and don't mind a bit of J-pop, there's also a Japanese rhythm game called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan which is, IMO, the best thing available for the DS. There's a US version on the way later this year (retitled as Elite Beat Agents), but the two have different music and levels and only share their core mechanic, so there's no reason not to pick up Ouendan now if you're interested.
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A bunch of games, only a handful of which are great. Nintendogs is awesomely childish, but I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit I love it. Also, if you're into messing around with experimental sounds, Electroplankton is a fun import. And True Swing Golf is pretty neat. It's a more "adult" game that gets pretty tough.

And if you're not opposed to playing GBA games, Wario-Ware Twisted is pretty unique.

I'm looking forward to Star Fox DS...
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Mario kart, new SMB, and Castlevania are my faves.
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I cannot get enough Metroid Prime Pinball! I liked Mario & Luigo: Partners In Time, Electroplankton (not really a game, not something you can sink a ton of time into, but still sublime), and Feel The Magic XX/XY is neat and fun, despite the pervy modes.
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New Super Mario Bros., MarioKart, and Tetris are great. Brain Age is fun, but it might get tiresome after a while (unless you like Sudoku). Metroid is decent, but as terpsichoria mentioned, your hand can get a little sore if you like playing for extended periods of time. Mario 64 was fun for about 30min. but I'm not sure if I'll ever complete it.

Here's a list of all the upcoming titles for the DS.
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Meteos, Polarium, Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Kirby Canvas Curse, Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, and Advance Wars Dual Strike.
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I hear Pheonix Wright is great, but I've been looking for a copy for 6 months to no avail :(

That's funny. Phoenix Wright widely available here in Ireland. As far as I'm aware DS games arent't region locked, so you might do well looking for a UK or Ireland-based game webstore for a copy.

As for the question at hand, I hear that Trauma Center: Under the Knife is pretty good; it's on my list anyway. I've already got Brain Training, Nintendogs and Mario Kart, and I'm very happy with them.

By the way, has anyone else tried Touch Golf or whatever it's called (it's got different titles on either side of the Atlantic)? Is it any good?

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Kirby Canvas Curse is my favourite, just because it's the game that uses the stylus in the most innovative way. And it's super fun. The new Mario, Advance Wars DS, and Castlevania all were fun for me too. I'd give Phoenix Wright a miss unless you like games for their novelty value.
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Osu! Tatake! Ouendan! is my favorite. Good luck trying to put that game down. I'm also enjoying Big Brain Academy immensely.
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I recently picked up Sudoku Gridmaster and it's a good use of the system (quick games for use on the subway/waiting for a meeting/etc) that doesn't make other nearby adults think I'm mentally still a 5 year old (suckers).

But yeah, the 5 year old in me recommends Kart, Metroid Pinball, Advance Wars, NSMB, WarioWare Touched!, and Nintendogs.

Also, don't be afraid of GBA games. Sure, they stick out a bit on the Lite, but that's a small price to pay for Zeldas, Advance Wars, and the Mario RPGs.

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I just picked up my DS for the first time in a while this week after one of my friends got one, opening up options for multiplayer. DS wireless multiplayer is bliss.

Out of the games I own, I'd say:

Advance Wars: Dual Strike: must-own
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: must-own, even though you'll only play through it once
Brain Age: must-own
Age of Empires: very good, and often overlooked (it's turn-based, not real-time, which seems to offend purists, but it's a lot of fun, and it has devilishly tough AI)
True Swing Golf: good, but gets stale fast, due to simplistic gameplay and small course selection. Better with multiplayer.
Bust-A-Move DS: good
Tetris DS: good, but primarily for the multiplayer options, not the single-player
Trauma Center: Under the Knife: nice concept, but poor stylus controls and extremely repetitive gameplay mean that you can pass on it without regret.
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Oh--and since you asked about upcoming games, watch for Elite Beat Agents, the US remake of/sequel to Ossu! Tatake! Ouendan! The release date is sometime in the next few months, I think--not sure.
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You really can't go wrong with the New Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart. I've heard a lot of good things about Metroid Pinball and Phoenix Wright (which is supposed to get another reprint in August), though I haven't played either.

Ouendan is a lot of fun, if you don't mind paying the $50 plus shipping. You don't need to know any Japanese to play.

Oh, and definitely keep an eye out for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, which is supposed to be out late this year. I was afraid Zelda wouldn't translate well to the DS, but I played it at E3 and it's excellent.
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Like robocop is bleeding, I suggest you load up on cheap used GBA games. Advance Wars, the Castlevania double-pak, Sonic Advance 2, Mario Advance 2 and 4, Golden Sun, etc etc so on and so forth.
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Phoenix Wright (Hard to find but worth it to import), Mario Kart DS, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Princess Peach (Don't laugh, go try it), and of course the new SMB. Can't wait for Final Fantasy 3 in August. Best of all, the best games don't cost 50 bucks to buy!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great replies everybody!
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I second Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! as the best DS game available. Get it on ebay or wait till later this year when the US conversion is released.
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I also recommend investing in some GBA games - i'm currently addicted to WarioWare Twisted. It's so easy to just pick up and play and requires absolutley no brain power and/or skill. Although, I would not recommend it for public situations (you may look a little silly.)
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If you haven't played it in its original iteration, I can't recommend Mario 64 DS enough. The game is absolutely amazing, gameplay-wise, and huge. Even if you have, the tough-screen minigames (which are new) are worth the price of a used copy.

Other than that, I loved Mario Kart DS, and if you like any of the 3D Tony Hawk games, Sk8land is very fun, if for the joy of portable, Internet-capable Tony Hawk.

And as everbody else says, don't ignore the GBA games. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is pretty much the best portable strategy/rpg game out there, and Puzzle League (as the GBA version of Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon) is a portable version of quite simply the finest puzzle game ever made, which everyone everywhere should play. A lot.
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New Super Mario Bros.
Kirby Canvas Curse
Mario Kart DS

In that order.
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No one has mentioned it yet, but Trace Memory is a really great title too. And I love WarioWare Touched. Of course, I'll second the recommendations for NSMB, Mario Kart, the brain games, Nintendogs. . .

I spend way too much time playing the DS.
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Brain Age is the most played in my house, although its mostly for the Sudoku now, but the actual brain training stuff held my attention every day for about 2 months.

Phoenix Wright is due for a re-release in early Sept I think
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Ouendan, absolutely. Don't wait for the American release, because it's not the same game -- it's being done with different music, different animations, different story, and so forth. I'm not saying it won't be good -- it may well be great, but it won't be as completely goddamn awesome as the original.
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Braint Training and New Super Mario Brothers are awesome. Also, Kirby: Canvas Curse rocks. Buy it!
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i totally second wario ware touched! i also really like trauma center, pokemon:trozei (don't laugh, it's a good tetris-like game), polarium, and of course animal crossing.

i'm a sucker though.

oh, and the new super mario bros. is good, as is metroid, and mario kart.
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Zookeeper is a great little puzzle game. You rearrange the pieces to makes matching links of three or more. Fun single player mode for the subway or waiting for the bus and a nice two player mode.
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Tetris DS, Advance Wars, Animal Crossing, Meteos.
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If you haven't played it in its original iteration, I can't recommend Mario 64 DS enough. The game is absolutely amazing, gameplay-wise, and huge. Even if you have, the tough-screen minigames (which are new) are worth the price of a used copy.

I never played the original Mario 64, but found it very frustrating to control on the DS. The mini games are all available on the New Mario Bros. (as I recall) along with many new ones.
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