The Best Binoculars
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What are the best binoculars I can buy for my money?
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Your question's pretty open-ended, but I think for wildlife viewing Swarovski binoculars are some of the best money can buy. Be prepared to spend at least $1000 on a pair.
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Depends on what you want to do, and how much you want to spend - I own this pair and have been VERY pleased - I use them for terrestrial viewing and binocular astronomy, and you can't beat the price.
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Are you saying you want the best value, or that you simply want "the best?"
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Response by poster: Thanks. Just a general inquiry.... best value and "the best" are both good answers.
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I don't know anything about binoculars, but I hear that Better View Desired is the quintessential reviews site for them.

From Cool Tools:

Perhaps the best review site I've seen. This guy reviews birding binoculars. He tests them all, very thoroughly, in the field, over time, and he measures each one against his published "standard" pair -- the model to beat so to speak. You get detailed and useful reviews, and a very clear nod towards the binoculars he thinks are the best in several categories. He is as close to that ideal reviewer: an extremely informed friend who has seen them all and can tell you which one to get.
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The ones with widely spread lenses on the image capture end, like the ones deadmessenger links to, give a better 3D effect that can be very vivid. The ones with close together lenses are less immersive, more like a telescope.
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Nikon E-series for my money. Roof prism binoculars perform equally to porro prism designs but cost far less money. If the Nikon E is too dear, Swift makes some great binoculars for not too much money. A Better View Desired is perhaps the ultimate binocular review site. It should have the detailed info for your specific needs.
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I sold binoculars for a year in a high end optics shop.

Leica Ultravid or Duovid.

Fantastic service as well. Folks came in with WW II era binoculars and Leica would fix them. No charge.
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If you want high magnification without a tripod or other mount, the Canon IS (Image Stabilizer) series is really quite something.
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I didn't see anyone mention the Russian military surplus binocs. They went up to, like, 35x100, I think (bring a tripod), and while they vary in quality, I've seen reviews suggesting the best ones are *very* good.
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Zeiss -- forget the Swar.'s for the money -- Zeiss is best for hand held.
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One word - Leica.
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before you bend to the will of the ziess/leica/swarovski optic elite, please go to a store that sells the Canon Image Stabilizing line of binoculars and demo a pair. Just give 'em a shot.

My biggest problem with binoculars is shaky hands, and with IS in place it is freakin' crazy what you can see. This summer I watched a Cooper's Hawk dismember a Blue Jay, and I could see it's eyeball looking up at me periodically while it chowed down. The optics are also really impressive on these. I have the 10x30s, and they cost me between $300 and $400 as I recall.
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The Canons are fantastic too. My dad owns them and they are fantastic. But the poster asked for the best. Nothing beats the image quality of the leica, but I would definitely buy the canons. Probably a better value.
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The best price/optics out there are the Konica-Minolta WPXL.
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I had a small pair of leica trinovids stolen out of my luggage at an airport. It still pisses me off that I was so stupid not to put them in my carry-on.

And I had heard that about leica service too mmdei, nice to hear it confirmed.
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Just to be clear, my comment above about Nikon E series and Swifts goes to best value. The E series hang with Leicas, Zeiss, and Swarovskis, but at about half the price because they are roof prisms. I have a pair of the Es that perform exceptionally well and have lasted me now fifteen years. Still, for a cost no object pair I would probably get top of the line Leicas, although these Zeiss Victorys look pretty choice. They probably only minimally edge out the Nikon's glass, but are perhaps more rugged and have an excellent feel to them. When you use them a lot, these little things matter.
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