Date stamp on prints from Canon EOS 20D?
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Is there a way to include a date stamp on prints taken with a Canon EOS 20D digital SLR?

I know the time & date information is included in the digital file, but I'd like to actually have the date stamp on some of the prints. Can I set the camera to do this? I couldn't find any mention of this in the instruction booklet.
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I don't think so. I've had a 300D for years and I don't know of such a feature.

I've never used such a program, but there is software out there to add a date stamp (and other stuff) to jpeg images. The first one I found: Visual Photo Time Stamp
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Response by poster: Thanks, jepler. I have a Mac OS X 10.4, any programs out there for Macs? I couldn't find a feature in iPhoto that does that.
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Look on the back of some existing prints you've got. The place I get mine done prints the file name and the date on the back of the prints. It's not too easy to read, though.

Time and date taken is in the EXIF data embedded in the JPEG file, so you can always look it up if you need to.

Someone with better Photoshop Action mojo than I might be able to come up with one.
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It'd be pretty easy to do this with Imagemagick (which can be installed on OS X using fink).

Use jhead to read the Date/Time field, then use convert to write text into the image.
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Response by poster: dmd, are you talking about using terminal? Can you give more specific instructions? I'm not familiar with the commands you mentioned.
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yes hes talking about the terminal.

here is the relevant line from a perl script i wrote:

convert -quality 55 -gravity southwest -box white -font ariel -pointsize 24 -fill black -draw \"text 0,0 \'$month/$day/$year $hour:$minutes:$seconds C\'\" source_file.jpg dest_file.jpg

dest_file will be a copy of source_file, albeit at sort of low quality, with the text 07/15/2006 10:00:00, for instance, down in the corner.

this may be way more than you are bargaining for if you dont have any experience with command line stuff. you will have to install fink, so that you can install Imagemagick....
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Response by poster: Joeblough, if I type what you wrote into terminal, with fink and imagemagick installed, will this apply to all my pictures? Also, how can I keep the quality of the pics t he same as the original?
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no, it wont apply to all your pictures. it wont even actually work, since the $month $day $year etc variables need to be set.

as suggested above you'd have to use jhead to grab the exif data for the date, parse it, and then stuff it into those variables. if you've never done perl or shell programming before this is going to be a tall order, but its pretty simple stuff so dont be put off, you can learn it.

you'd have to read the man page for convert (man convert) from the terminal once imagemagick is installed.
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read man page == figure out how to get the best quality, sorry.
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