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Name that classic arcade game!

You set fire to things. You're not supposed to burn yourself into a corner. That's... about all I remember. The end.

Please help?
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I think it might be this
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I agree it sounds a lot like Pyro (link to download at the bottom), though there was also a 7800 game where you went in a room and had to blow it up as much as you could (including a nuclear reactor i think?) and exited into the next elevator.
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That does indeed sound like Pyro.
But it sounds a little like the 7800/Arcade game Cloak & Dagger mentioned by psychobum.
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BOMBERMAN was a lot like that, too.
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Er. Wow. I mostly forgot about asking this. Funny what you see when you check your posting history after being intoxicated.

Yes, Pyro II is exactly it. Thanks.

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(As if anyone is still reading this)
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