Where can I access back issues (or copies thereof) of the expensive, limited-run Visionaire magainze?
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Where can I access back issues (or copies thereof) of the expensive, limited-run Visionaire magazine? Can you recommend any libraries that have extensive collections of fashion publications?

Visionaire magazine is a very expensive, limited-run publication about fashion & art. There are some back copies available on ebay, but they cost hundreds of dollars. I'd like to read-not own-some of these issues, and I was wondering what libraries might loan out these issues, allow me to view them, or perhaps microfilm versions of them. Alternately, can you recommend any services that provide access to text versions of articles? Thanks
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Try the library at an art/design school?

I think you should just contact the magazine and see what they suggest. They are probably in a position to point you in the right direction (in the worst case scenario, you'll be no worse off than you are now).
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Go to this page, enter your zip code in the box. Presto. New York seems to be filthy with them, Vermont, not so much.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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What an amazingly helpful link! Thanks, Jessamyn.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that worldcat library site rules!
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There are bookmarklets that you can get that will get you search results there, or you can go here, otherwise if you just type in your book [or magazine] title along with the phrase "find in a library" you are likely to find an Open WorldCat result for it.
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