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I have a Logitech Messenger webcam and a Mac (10.3.9) and I downloaded the macam software. How do I chat with a friend who has a PC and another Logitech webcam? Should we use AIM? Yahoo? Excuse me if the question's too easy but I'm a total webcam n00b and what I found on Google is quite contradictory. Thanks!
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yahoo has worked well for me (but make certain you get the latest client). i haven't tried iChat yet, but my understanding of the macam drivers is that they should allow ANY quicktime-savvy app to access the camera.
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Yahoo has worked for me, iChat did not.
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Response by poster: I just tried yahoo messenger. I could see the other person, they couldn't see me
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I suggest iChat on the Mac and AIM on the PC -- they use the same messaging format. I've done it successfully using a Logitech camera on a PC and the built-in camera in a MacBook.
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I've been able to do this with Yahoo. I was on a Mac and they were on a PC and we could see each other.
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I play D&D every Wednesday via webcam. I'm a pc user living in Los Angeles and my DM is an mac user in San Francisco. I use Aim 5.9 and he the latest iChat and we can see & hear each other just fine.
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Fire for Mac can handle chats with Yahoo, AIM, ICQ etc. Lightweight, free and works great.
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thanks everybody, I'll try today and report back
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Lightweight, free and works great.

It does not work at all with webcams, however.
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