Lasik recommendations for Ottawa
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My brother is interested in getting laser eye surgery and is looking for a doctor in (or near) Ottawa, Canada.

He actually lives in Deep River, so recommendations anywhere in the Ottawa River area would be welcomed.

I have directed him to this thread for general advice on choosing a doctor for the procedure, but would love to hear from any Ottawa-area mefites who have had it done.
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I live in Ottawa and I haven't had the procedure myself, but when I can afford it I might. It just so happens that the father of one of my close friends from high-school is Dr. David Edmison who runs the Focus Eye Centre in Ottawa.

Dr. Edmison has been in the eye-doctoring business a long time and was one of the early adopters of the laser techniques. He and the doctors he works with have a very good reputation. My aunt had her surgery done with Focus Eye and has been delighted with the results.
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My wife had it done by lasik md and was quite happy with the before, during & after care, as well as the results.
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Think very carefully about LASIK vs PRK as a procedure. I did a bunch of investigation before my wife had her eyes done earlier this year, and it appeared to me that LASIK had a much higher prevalence of problems (especially if you're active and/or play contact sports). PRK recovery times are much longer though.

I'll second Focus Eye, excellent reputation, great to deal with, happy to answer (many) questions. My wife was very happy with both the care and the results.
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