How can I get the files off an old 40 Meg Syquest disc?
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Are there any companies out there that will transfer files from obsolete removable media?

I've got a 40 Meg Syquest drive that I've been carrying around with me for about a decade now. I know I can just toss it, but I'm really interested in finding out what the hell's on there. It's kind of like a little digital time capsule.
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If the disk is good a HD recovery service might not be to expensive.

I've got a EZ230 and SyJet 1.5 drives hanging around but no 40MB drive. So asking around any tech guys you might know might be fruitful.
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If you search eBay now, you can find the item "Syquest External Backup Drive" under the eBay stores listing for $.01 plus shipping. (Here in Ohio, that amounts to $11 + change.) That cheap enough for you?
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Note: on closer inspection, the drive I found on eBay was an EZ135, which appears to take 135-MB media, and is incompatible with the older version. Sorry 'bout that.
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I've got a 40 Meg drive buried in my storage locker that should still function. If you can't find any other options, email me at svenny (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll try to get you hooked up.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses guys!
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