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Is there a secure, free video hosting service for my .mpg home movies?

I would like to sign up for a service that is definitely secure (only people I give password to can view the movies) and preferable free or really cheap.
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Amazon S3 is $0.15/GB/month for storage and $0.20/GB/month for transfer and offers password protection. If you're just talking about sharing small video clips with a few family and friends, you're not likely to go over $10 in a year with S3. But if you're looking for something that can scale up to hundreds of viewers of full-length movies, it quickly becomes prohibitively expensive.
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Just toss an .htaccess file up at your current web host, perhaps? How granular do you want the password access to be? There's a few ways to do this.
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If you have a decent home connection, you could use orb and serve them up yourself
Another option is streamload which gives you 25gb storage for free and supports limited sharing, if I remember correctly.
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Response by poster: Streamload is pretty close... I need a simple user interface so my aging mother can figure it out. 25 gigs for free is great and I guess I don't mind paying some fees when I go over that.
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