Yick I smell bad...
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Smelly Filter: I have an awesome watch with a "genuine leather" wrist band. In the summer heat I can't find a way to keep it from smelling.

This is a new watch (about 6 weeks old) and I'm very attached to it (aka can't leave it home on hot days.) But if the band is already starting to smell a bit from sweating how bad is it going to be in 6 more weeks?!

I don't want to do the fabreze cover up cure. Any suggestions on how to clean it or prevent the problem?
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I hate metal watchbands, and I experience the same thing you do on hot and humid summer days. I had one watch that actually corroded on the back (however, that particular watch was so cheap, the "12" came unglued and fell off the face, jamming the hands and rendering it useless). The only thing I've come up with is to take my watch off for a half hour or so every now and then. It's easier to lose if you're absentminded, but


yeah, this one doesn't stink and that's my only real method of deodorizing.
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Sars at Tomato Nation had a column on exactly this problem.
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Saddle soap? My daughter uses it on her tack after it has been on a very sweaty horse all day.
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Paint the back of the band with clear nail polish.
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I used to have the same problem, though I don't wear a watch anymore. I play ice hockey, and use an odor-destroying spray on my equipment, including my leather hockey gloves; it might be worth a try on your watchband. You should be able to find the spray in the hockey section of a sporting goods store or the hockey pro shop at your local ice rink.
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Put deodorant on your wrist. I'm not kidding. It'll feel better too.

DO NOT put clear nail polish on the back of a leather band. Yipes.
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DO NOT put clear nail polish on the back of a leather band. Yipes.

Err. Is there a particular reason you object to that? It's what I always did when I used to wear leather watch bands. Worked quite well.
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Radioamy's got the right idea, but I would go for some heavy-duty gel antiperspirant (Almay makes one that's unscented, if pricey, but if you like the scented ones then by all means do that.).
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