My Samsung DLP tv is completely messed up!
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My Samsung DLP HDTV is giving me major grief. I was having minor convergence issues on the cable component and then yesterday I came home and there is huge blue streaking on all the components! It looks as if the blue projection has been bent across the top and bottom of the screen.

Allow me to give more a detailed account of what is wrong...

I have a Samsung DLP HDTV (model # HCN4226W) that has been giving me minor grief for the past couple of months. At first it seemed like the convergence was off ever so slightly causing the reds, greens and blues to 'smear' on the edges of the TV. I tried to use the perfect focus feature, which simply made everything worse. I was then forced to fix it manually though I could never get it completely aligned.

Fast forward two months later, I move to a new apartment and get a new cable provider. My friend accidentally hits the perfect focus feature totally messing up the TV again. This time its so foobar, that we couldn't even manually fix it. The weird thing at this point is that the other components, such as the DVD player are still working fine. My friend switches it to 480i from 1080i and somehow magically it's back to sort of normal. Now yesterday, when I turn on the TV there is enormous blue streaking on all the components. If you can imagine, there are large curved blue streaks at the top and bottom of the screen. It seems like a major convergence issue.

I have no idea what to do now, since I'm not even sure what exactly is wrong or if a thousand things are wrong.

Help! Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. We bought the TV used, so I'm not sure what the repair policy will be or how much it will cost...
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I don't have anything to suggest, but a quick Google reveals it's a CRT projection TV, not a DLP TV, which is pretty important for anyone else answering.

(DLP TVs are incapable of having anything but perfect convergence)
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You might want to try posting this over at AVS Forum.
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