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How can I get access to a copy of the American Masters episode Robert Capa: In Love and War?

My landlord, who is a professional photographer, asked if I could track down this episode of American Masters as he loves Capa's work. I have looked everywhere I can think of but am having no luck. He would prefer to own a copy but if he could just view it that would be great too. Any mefites have any ideas?
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Best answer: PBS affil WNET 13 NYC produces that series, and while they do sell copies on DVD, they don't have that episode (if it featured him entirely) listed.

I'd contact them directly, and ask, I think.
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Response by poster: Good idea. I just wrote them an email. If there are any other ideas please let me know.
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Response by poster: To clarify... WNET said they have no copies available. In fact the person who was the point of contact said she could find no information about that particular episode. Which is odd since it is on the PBS site. Any other ideas?
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