Where is Chicago balls deep?
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Is there any brick and mortar in Chicago where I can acquire some juggling equipment?

I really need some new "traditional" juggling balls and am toying with the idea of picking up some devil sticks. Does anyone know? Thanks!
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head over to the math department at UC... all of those freaks juggle, they will know :)
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Best answer: Ash's Magic Shop is a full service magic shop on Chicago's Northside. Ash’s has been in business at this location since 1985. He carries a large selection of stage and close up magic, videos, books and collector's magic as well as clown supplies, make-up, wigs, costumes, shows, juggling supplies and gags.

4955 N. Western Chicago, IL. (773) 271-4030
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Or hang out in Wicker Park on a Saturday afternoon. All the kids come out and play with their juggling equipment.
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Response by poster: Ha. I have been there several times (I live there although not in the park) I have never noticed that before, thanks for the tips; I'm going to check out out Ash's tomorrow.
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To learn, use 3 silk scarves, held at a corner. They move so slowly that anyone can do it, avoiding the panic that faster things produce.

When you get better, lacrosse balls have the perfect size, weight and bounciness.
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Best answer: KRS - Thanks for the tip; I've been juggling for 15 years now, and although this isn't about learning how to juggle, my advice to future juggler's (assuming you're learning with bean bags or balls) is to stand 24 inches from a wall. This forces you to control your throws, both vertically and horizontally.

None-the-less, Ash's was pretty disappointing although quaint; the old couple that runs it were very interesting to talk to. If you're looking for "high-end" juggling supplies, you'll have to go just a few blocks north west to Magic Inc, 5082 N Lincoln in Lincoln square. They had my devil sticks as well as some other nice Dube equipment (swords, pins, contact juggling balls, etc.)
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