MacBook Pro Hissing
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I just got a new MacBook Pro 15.4 (1.83 GHz). Everything's great, except for a hissing from the right-hand internal speaker anytime a sound plays through it. When just idle, in Word for example, there is no noise. But anytime a sound-using program is booted, iTunes or GarageBand for example, there is a continual hissing and popping noise, similar to fuzz on a television screen, that is very loud. Anytime a system sounds plays, such as the Trash sound, hissing accompanies it. The only way to make the noise stop is to plug in headphones, or external computer speakers. This hissing only occurs through the internal speakers. Does anyone know how to stop this annoying sound?
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Best answer: Sounds like one of the internal speakers is damaged. Bring it in to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Center for repair.
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Best answer: Sounds like the internal speaker is broken. Might as well take it to a Genius Bar, if there's an Apple store near you.
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Wow! Jinx!
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If the chip is 1.83GHz your MacBook Pro is not "new", or rather it is one of the first iterations of the model that was discontinued almost two months ago. Truly new MBPs have either a 2.0GHz or a 2.16GHz chip.

This troubleshooting probably won't work if it is indeed a physical speaker issue, but try opening the iSight application "PhotoBooth" when the noise is happening and see if at least some of the noise goes away. If it does then you need to have Apple replace your logic board. This is an AppleCare issue that Apple is aware of, so get on the horn and complain and they will replace your logic board. I just had mine replaced in my early 2.0GHz MacBook Pro and it is much quieter.

If that doesn't help then you likely do have a physical problem with the speaker. That is also Apple's problem so get on the horn and give 'em shit. Good luck.
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Do you have an Apple store near you?

If it's really noisy in the store and hard to hear the hiss, they might dismiss it. Make sure they take it in the back where it's quiet and listen there.
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If the chip is 1.83GHz your MacBook Pro is not "new"

It's probably a refurb, and so therefore new to the poster.
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Response by poster: Yeah, "new" meaning "I just got it from the store." Everyone, thanks for your help. I think it's the internal speaker. I will be taking it to the Apple store very soon.
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I took a vacuum and sucked some crumbs or something out of my speaker when this happened, and it was fine.
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This is a known issue with early Macbook Pros. Definitely bring it in to an Apple store or call AppleCare.

(on sorta-preview, I see persona non grata has already mentioned this, but maybe the thread link will also be useful to you.)
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