I've got a lot of pent up drumming. Where can I release it by the hour in Manhattan?
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Where can I rent a room and a drum set by the hour in Manhattan?

I'm looking to play the drums regularly again. I used to do this when I lived in Minneapolis quite easily since owning a drumset/affording a personal studio were all non-issues. Here in the land of small apartments and big bucks, doing the same thing isn't possible.

So I'm looking to re-create my previous situation, only without the owning part, and now by the hour. Manhattan would be best, specifically the UWS or Midtown, but I'd be willing to consider other options.

So do any of you mefites know of any great places that offer such a service? Playing a drum set that hasn't recently been beaten by wild chimpanzees is a huge bonus (read: not a piece of shit).

Sub question: Do I have to bring my own cymbals, or is everything provided?
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Google again: drum practice studios in Manhattan.

A friend of mine is a singer/songwriter up there, and might have some better tuned answers (she's co-writing with Eran Tabib of the Spin Doctors), but alas, I can't get her on the phone.
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Response by poster: Google!? Is that a new search engine or something? I've never heard of it!


I Googled, but I'm looking for real opinions by people who have actually used or heard about a place, rather than the place's sales pitch.
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"know of" !~= "have personal experience with".
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