Hot tubbing time! Maybe.
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Any thoughts on buying a new spa?

Lovely SO and I are considering buying a spa for the back yard. Does anyone have a recommendation for or against any particular maker? Any suggestions for dealers in the San Francisco Bay area? And lastly, any general feedback based on your experience?
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Response by poster: Anyone?
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I've had a Catalina for about 3 years and it's nice. No problems and the maintenance is really easy not even an hour a week. I have two young boys who play in it all the time and even they havn't messed it up.

The only problem I did have was when I let the bromine level get low and we got tiny little bumps on our skin from the hot-water bacteria.

It was a good investment for us. Enjoy!
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A very good friend of ours co-owns Anderson Spa in Oakland. They are very friendly, nice people and the spas - I mean, wow! (I know nothing about spas but I've seen theirs and they seem WOW to me! Their website is under construction and probably won't go live until next week so here are the brick-and-mortar details:

Anderson Spa Warehouse
Jim Anderson and Rodney Joleh
Local supplier of Dynasty Spas and other leading brands
2872 E. 7th St, Oakland, CA 94601
Jim's cell#: (510) 406-4122
Rodney's cell#: (510) 406-4024.
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When we put in a spa, we were advised to get a gas-fired heater rather than the more common electric. How far your spa would be from gas service is a consideration, as well as how gas and electric rates compare in your area.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. E 7th is less than ten minutes from our house. We will try to get over there this weekend.
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