Find me an alarm clock that doesn't suck.
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AlarmClockFilter: I'm picky about exactly what I need for an alarm clock and I'd like to harness your collective searching powers to find what I want

Much like in this post I need an alarm clock with a certain set of features. Unlike this post, my features are different (some the same).

Also - all the links in that previous post seem to not work..

  • Digital Face
  • Face must be always lit - i.e. no button required to see it at night
  • Battery backup (so power outages don't require resets)
  • Alarm that stays on until turned off - NOT an alarm that turns off once 8:01 hits if it's set for 8:00
  • LED or similar - NOT an LCD. I don't like having to get my head in the right position just to see the screen
Would like:
  • Projects time onto the roof
  • The ability to set alarm and clock time seperate - none of this 'hold the clock button and press up and down' or vice-versa business
That's about it. Size isn't really a factor. I like green LED's but really any color is fine.

Oh - and the clocks with most of these features with the blue backlit faces - I have one. The alarm a) doesn't stay on past 8:00 and b) the face can only be looked at direct on because it's an LCD.
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My alarm clock meets pretty much all those features, but I'm at work so you'll have to wait for me to get home before I check on it. Some other features/drawbacks:

1) The time can be incremented both forwards and backwards, but only by the minute (so you don't have to go all the way around if you accidentally set it for 8:01 instead of 8). However, it scrolls pretty quickly if the button is held.

2) The alarm is one of those that starts out soft and gets louder and louder. I personally love it, but some people don't.

3) It is incredibly difficult to turn off the alarm completely - requires hitting a sequence of buttons fairly quickly. Again, I like this feature, but it really pissed my roommates off when I forgot to turn it off before a long weekend away!
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I don't know if you own an iPod but the iHome works very well for me. It meets all of your points with the exception of the LED face. It has a backlit LCD display but right now as I type I am looking at the clock at a 75 degree angle and I can clearly see the time. There is no washing out whatsoever. Setting the alarm is a breeze with the top dials (thats right, dials no more holding down buttons for 3 minutes just to set an alarm). The backlight adjusts from very bright to very dim (but still very readable at night). Also has a battery backup

Trust me on the viewing angle. It DOES NOT fade out. I have had this problem on other LCD clocks but not this one. Don't believe me? go down to a target / apple store / best buy in your area and see for yourself.

Oh and if you don't have an iPod, there's a radio, a good buzzer and a line in for whatever else you might have. Pretty nice little unit for $99. I looked at it as more of a toy when i recieved it as a christmas present but it actually is a very very good alarm clock for someone like me who is very picky about these things.

Here's a link to a review

And a link to a PDF of the instruction manual
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Response by poster: muddgirl: looking forward to more info!

Evan: thanks, I'll check it out.
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Or go nuts and get a Bose Wave radio. Fantastic, with two alarms, but doesn't Shine on the ceiling, although you could raise the roof by turning it up:)
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I'm fond of the Smart Set--you set the alarm clock separately, and the clock sets itself, so you don't need to set it after a power outage (you have to tell it your time zone once). I believe it meets all your hard requirements, though it doesn't project the time, and I'm not 100% certain the alarm doesn't turn off after a time (I know it doesn't turn off within a few minutes, though).

I'd get another one--the one I was using was a Christmas present to my ex, so he still has it--but I just use the alarm setting on my cell phone, and have for a few years now.
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Here's the clock I use. It doesn't project the time on the ceiling, but I know the alarm won't turn off within half an hour of starting (since I've often hit the snooze button and climbed in the shower, only to hear the alarm ringing louder and louder...)
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