Good billing/invoicing software for Mac
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Good billing/invoicing software for Mac that's suited to a graphic designer's needs?
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Best answer: iBiz - even has a server version if you have other people who work in your location. I love it and dumped Quickbooks for it - very Mac-like.

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Blinksale has gotten a lot of great press lately.
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I'm an advocate of Studiometry. Couldn't do business without it.
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I second Blinksale, and also recommend taking a look at SideJobTrack.
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Yup, I second Studiometry - it's pretty bloody good...
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I've been using MYOB for the last twelve years to run our studio and it's been great. I haven't had any accountancy training but found the software very easy to set up and run. The range of reports is enormous and tracking everything through a job number allows you to drill down to the detail. I use it in conjunction with QuicKeys to automate the often repeated data entry.
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I love Blinksale, and you can try it for free.
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I know I'm way late on this but I just started using and, for the most part, it's fantastic. It's basic functions work flawlessly and there are a lot more possibilities for customization with the advanced features although I have yet to try to figure them out.

In terms of tracking hours spent on multiple projects for multiple clients, generating invoices for billing and keeping track of payments, it's pretty damn amazing.

Note, that it's in beta right now, but so far, it's been remarkably stable. I'm very very happy to have happened upon this little app.

(No, I have no affiliation with the company or anyone who works at the company. I was just lucky enough to get a recommendation from a friend with whom I do the bulk of my consulting work).
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