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I use bloglines for my RSS reader, I have gmail as my email, I want to know is it possible to get new emails via bloglines?

By new emails I don't mean the emails themselves, I'm referring to a note that says Gmail (# of emails) like a typical blog's feed.
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I've heard you can do this:
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Hmm. I've got this set up on Safari at home, so it must be possible in Bloglines. I just noticed one day on my Gmail inbox that there was an RSS icon, so I dragged it into my bookmark bar. It shows me whenever I have new mail. I think it only works as long as I remain logged in Gmail though.
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It'll work in Safari because you can enter your credentials there when the Gmail server asks for a password. With bloglines, their server does the checking, so it just kinda fails when Gmail asks for the password.

I've heard you can do this:

I just tried this and Bloglines rejected it. It's not a good idea anyway, as Bloglines content tends to end up in the public Bloglines archive.

I suggest switching to a desktop reader if you want to do this. using this URL.
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Gmail offers an Atom feed for new messages, but Bloglines does not support feeds that require authentication (yet?). Sorry.
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You could always just use the Gmail notifier... Although the notifier only tells you if you have new emails in your Inbox, and I have rules that automatically archives stuff and adds tags (my equivalent of folders) so it's not all that useful for me. I just leave Gmail open in a tab in Firefox at all times :)
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antifuse: WOW, GMail's JS leaks run my RAM all the way down, I close my GMail tab as soon as I'm done reading whatever Notifier tells me is new in there.

Bloglines is gonna have a delay anyway, I don't see the benefit to the asker of using it.
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