Tiger mascot mauls 2nd baseman... or does it?
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Am I Crazy-filter: Did the Detroit Tigers used to have an actual Tiger as a mascot AND do they not have one now because it mauled a player?

My friends and I were sitting around watching the All-Star Game last night, and someone mentioned that the Yankees used to have a bald eagle that would fly around during the 7th inning stretch, but they got rid of it because it attacked Jeter. I mentioned that the Tigers used to have a real tiger, but they had to get rid of it because it attacked an infielder, and that footage was used in the Naked Gun on the "blooper reel". They told me I was crazy, but I remember reading that or hearing the story SOMEwhere at some point. My Google-Fu cannot find any mention of the attack, but I couldn't have just made it up. AskMe, help me please! I've had taunting e-mails all day asking for the proof. Does anyone out there at least also remember this?
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Are you sure you're not thinking about the Chicago Bulls mascot attacking a cop? Seriously, LSU is the only team with a real tiger that I know of.
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To the best of my knowledge, the Tigers never had a real tiger as a mascot. On preview, I see Mr. Grimes has already mentioned the Bulls incident, which I also figured you might be thinking of.

I can't recall a film where the Tigers were a featured team, but it is possible something like this happened in a movie once.
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If there existed video footage of a bald eagle attacking Derek Jeter, I would have it as my screen saver. I do not. Ergo, it never happened.

You may be thinking of this:

Like any celebrity of his magnitude, Challenger has had his run-ins with the press. At a postseason Yankees game, a squadron of F-14s roared over the field, startling Challenger slightly as he was 20 feet from landing on Cecere's hand. Derek Jeter and Jason Giambi ducked as he flew over them, and the next day's papers played up how spooked Challenger had been. “Jeter and Giambi just kind of panicked,” Cecere says.
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it is possible something like this happened in a movie once.

Yes: The Naked Gun.
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Regarding the Yankee story, there is a great photo taken last year of a bird swooping down over four Yankees (Jeter, Giambi and I think Posada and Cano) as they cower in fear. It's a great shot, and it's almost certainly what your friend is thinking of. I can't find it, though ... will keep trying.

And no, the Tigers have never had a live Tiger mascot, I don't think.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input, you all. Frank: is it possible the LSU tiger attacked someone at a baseball game? That would explain a LOT... and prove i wasn't 100% crazy.

And thanks for the links, staggernation, re: the yankees. I think barring a call to the Tigers head offices (and they are busy being in first place at the moment) I'm going to have to maybe look into the LSU angle...
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University of Memphis has a live tiger (Tom II) too but no incidents of mauling.
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In the Naked Gun movie, when Frank goes "undercover" at the Angels baseball game, they play a series of "funny baseball clips" on the scoreboard. Which, accordingly become more and more outrageous as they go on. As someone mentioned, if not clearly, I'm pretty sure a tiger attacking a ballplayer is among them. (also is a guy who jumps up against the outfield wall and his head pops off).
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Plus, that tiger footage from Naked Gun is faker than Fakey McFakepants. It was fake.
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Late to the party, but as an LSU alum, I can say with 99.9% certainty that not one of our five Mikes ever attacked anyone, at a baseball game or elsewhere.
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Response by poster: gosh dang it. This must be something I'm going to have to let go as "we never talked about that..." Or, more likely, pony up a sixer and be done with it. I guess i'm gaining constructive memory in my old age.
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