Nose-piercing in Toronto
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I am giving my wife a nose-piercing for her birthday. Does anyone have good suggestions for pirecing studios/artists in the Toronto west end? This is going to be pretty simple so I'm mostly concerned with hygiene, professionalism and the longevity of the business/artist. Thanks all,
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If you don't get suggestions about actual places, call around and ask what their shop minimum is for tattoos. Usually, the higher the minimum the more concerned with hygiene they are.

As far as when you get there, make sure the piercer sets up his/her station in front of you. It's fairly easy to see if they're following all the rules. Are they wearing gloves? Do they have an autoclave? are all of the needles and such individually wrapped? watch the person before you get pierced...did their needle get thrown away after or dunked in a solution?

Good Luck.
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Oh, i so meant to link this page.
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Nothing to add, but I wish *my* husband would give me a nose-piercing for my birthday.
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