How to create a customized, portable Ubuntu environment?
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How to create a customized portable ubuntu image? I would like to do something like an Ubuntu livecd but with either flash or a USB hard drive. Basically I would like to have a completely customized Ubuntu environment that will save all my settings when I log out, that I can take to any computer. Ideally I'd like to install a few apps that don't come standard with Ubuntu like Amarok and have those as part of the package. I have a 60 GB Ipod so I could launch from that if possible. I'm a Linux newbie so the simpler, the better!
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Hmm...I think what you're going to have trouble with is that the BIOS of most PCs aren't going to let you boot an OS from USB, because USB drivers are usually loaded by the OS, not the BIOS. Anyone should feel free to correct me on that, because I'm just shooting from the hip with that answer.

On a side note, Amarok is flippin' fantastic, isn't it?
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I don't know if it's ubuntu, but ThinkGeek sells a preinstalled USB Linux-on-a-stick installation for this, complete with a thumbprint reader.

So clearly, the USB side can be done.

As for Boot-From-USB_MASS_STORAGE?

I'd say any BIOS shipped since about 2004 probably knows how, though some are buggy.
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Response by poster: Update: I have since found this apparent vaporware that should allow one to run Ubuntu from a USB drive. I would prefer something that actually exists, however. Failing this ideal solution, does anybody know a way to save your settings and/or add new codecs/installed software to an Ubuntu LiveCD?
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Response by poster: Hit 'send' too quick. Here's the "portable Ubuntu" story.
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Does it have to be Ubuntu, specifically? Because Puppy is designed from the ground up to do exactly the job you describe.
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Here's a howto for putting ubuntu onto a USB drive. It's originally for Breezy, but apparently there's updates for using Dapper.

Or preloaded here ou ici.
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