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Looking for a good hotel to live in for three months in DC.

I'll be staying in DC for three months next fall, and I'm trying to find the best hotel option out there. My ideal hotel would:
- have a gym (free to me)
- have a kitchenette, or at least a fridge in my room
- have free high speed internet
- be a workable commute from Judiciary Square/Union Station
-be nice
-get me airline points, or possibly hotel points

I know this is a lot to ask, (especially with the "nice" component), but I was wondering if any of you have tips for hotel chains that offer these kind of setups, or DC specific options.
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Rosslyn has a lot of res hotels like that.
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We're a pretty transient city as such things go, so if you wanted to you could find a number of sublet options instead of a hotel. I personally love for a visual representation of options out there, though you're only seeing craigslist postings.

When you're looking around you might give minor preference to things actually on the red line (if you're thinking Metro, which IMNSHO you should) so you don't have to change trains to get in, though those two stops are only 2 over from Chinatown or Metro Center.

There's several options in Crystal City (the choice I know best) that might meet your requirements and would be a pleasant walk over from there to the metro stop (possibly indoors all the way, depending). The Metropolitan has its own facilities, I believe, where the Pentagon Row apartments give you access to the on-site Bally I think. Parc Vista is also right on top of the mall/metro access.

Lofts 590 is brand new and very nice looking but it's 2-3 blocks from the Metro and I don't know much about it. River House is marginally closer, has a lovely park in front of it and nice views.
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Oops - I failed to mention that while several of those are apartment buildings I think you will find most of them have furnished options and all show 3 month lease options on their websites. Crystal City always has a lot of military folk in on short-term stays on their way in and our of offshore postings so most places are accustomed to catering to this kind of need.
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If you're looking for something more like an extended stay hotel, there's a Marriott Courtyard just north of Dupont Circle (also red line, so an easy commute to Union Station). There's a Hilton Garden Inn near McPherson Square (you'd have to change trains, but still an easy commute) that has similar amenities. The upside of the hilton is hotel + airline points. I'm not sure about if there is a gym at either.
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I'm assuming this is employer-funded - if not, the most economical option is a short-term furnished apartment. Many of the big, professionally managed apartment megaplexes offer 3 to 6 month leases. But if you want a hotel chain with points and miles, I have done 2-week stretches at the Doubletree on New Hampshire Ave in Foggy Bottom, right across from the Watergate, which features suites with full kitchens. It's a great neighborhood and close to the Blue/Orange line. You connect at Metro Center for the red line which takes you to Judiciary Square. Also, there's a supermarket in the Watergate complex for your snacking/cooking needs.
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I'd recommend trying to get an apartment type deal if I was you. I've spent the last couple years working away from home, and hotels very quickly get very very very boring.

Although, agree the loyalty points can come in usefull - managed to get a week long holiday in Dubai, flights, room etc off my last lot of points.
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