Web 2.0 in Higher Education
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I'm looking for examples of Web 2.0 principles and tools being used in higher education.

If you know of instructors or institutions using well known sites like Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, or Wikis, or other Web 2.0 tools, please post those examples here. Thanks!
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http://totaldatasolution.com/colabr8 - feel free to contact me via that link
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EDUCAUSE wrote a good whitepaper on Web 2.0 in higher education.
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From cacophony's girlfriend:

In the Harvard Graduate School of Education, class T-560 "Universal Design for Learning: Meeting the Challenge of Individual Differences". It is taught by Professor David Rose, who has recently become quite interested in Web 2.0 and it's application to education. He currently uses blogs, del.icio.us and some podcasting in class. I think he's planning to add diigo when it's available.
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Somewhat related: the iPod program at Georgia College & State University.

I would also point you to the Educational Bloggers group at Flickr.
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Podcasting lectures seems to be semi-popular. Several universities also make their lectures public that way.
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Also, this was on the blue last week.
I think that's an example of what you're looking for?
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How about this?
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