How to find missing video drivers
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After refromatting my Dell PC, my device manager shows I am missing several drivers. The problems come up in Studio and other video applications. I downloaded a driver toolkit and it wasn't much help finding anything. Here is what my device manager lists as missing: Video Controller Video Controller (VGA compatible) BT878/fusion878AVideo Capture (Audio Section) BT878MediaStream Controller How can I find the right ones?
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Visit the support section of, type in your Service Tag, and download and install drivers for your workstation.
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It sounds very much like you have a Brooktree-based video capture device in the machine. I would be surprised if it had some preinstalled by Dell. Either way this WDM Video Capture Driver may well work for you as it supports plenty of models that use that chipset.
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The Fusion 878A is an analog broadcast signal capture chip (TV to PC converter). Here's a link to the hardware specification.

I believe these drivers will work with your system.
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