Help me find some brown-ink pens!
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I'm not sure if these even exist - but is anyone aware of either ballpoint or rollerball pens that come in brown ink?

I'm going to be addressing wedding invitations myself, and since my invitations are brown & pink, I'd love to find a brown-ink pen to address the outer envelopes with. I don't want to use jelly pens or felt-tip pens since I don't write as nicely with them. Ditto for fountain pens.

So, do any ballpoint or rollerball pens come in brown? If so, where can I get some? (I'm in the US.) I've tried a few crafts stores (Michaels, Joann) and Staples. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Uniball makes them, but it's now clear who, if anyone, sells them. The FAQ suggests that you try calling their Consumer Service at 1-800-323-0749.
Who knows? They might even send you a free sample!

Otherwise, ask your local Michael's/ACMoore if they can order it for you.
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The best answer to Yahoo Question Why don't they make ball point pens with brown ink? is:

ups has them!! I just got one the other day.
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Response by poster: Thank you for your responses! I love Uniball pens, so I am going to try to hunt one of those down. I'm also sifting through the other options.
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congratulations, tastybrains!
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A good bet would be to look at an art store. Most art stores (at least the bigger ones) have a whole aisle devoted to pens in all different colors. They have "normal" writing pens along with arty pens, and I'm sure they'll have something in brown.
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Yes, I think an art supply store would be most likely to sell the Uniball (or similar) brown pen. I can't remember specifically seeing brown, but my local art store has this delightfully huge panel of regular old Uniball pens in a rainbow of colors. A nerd's dream.
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I have a couple of the Uniball pens that Sprout the Vulgarian links to, and they're pretty cool, but the gel-type ink takes a little getting used to. IMO, it's almost a brush kind of feel, even though it's a ball point.

Unusual, not necessarily bad, but I prefer something scratchier myself. Try it out for yourself, just giving my two cents.
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You could buy a Herbin Stylo-roller or Kaweco Eyedropper Roller and fill it with the ink of your choice. Noodler's Ink has a great selection of colors and even a waterproof permanent brown.
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I definitely agree that you should go to your local Dick Blick or Pearl and noodle around with the samples. Online, Pearl sells the Sakura Identipen, which claims "a tough fiber fine point on one end, an extra fine plastic top for details on the other." Perhaps the "plastic top" end will fit your requirements?
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I have a set of these Koh I Noor Nexus Art Pens in the Studio colors, and all the brown tones are beautiful. The tips are super-fine - kind of needle-like. You can buy individuals at some art supply stores.
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Second vote for Nexus Art Pens. Your local Michael's should have the set for $20 or so including a couple of nice browns.

(there are two sets, one with red/blue/green and one with greys and browns.)

They write very smoothly.
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