Where to go swimming on the Upper West Side?
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We're taking our family (5 kids ranging from ages 3 to 16) to Manhattan for a week at the end of August; we'll be staying in an apartment on 111th Street, near Columbia. We'd like to find a pool where we can buy daily passes to go swimming--in a hotel, at Columbia, in a health club, etc. Googling has turned up nothing. Help!
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I'm not familiar with pools in New York, but I've had excellent luck in the past using Swimmers Guide to find pools while travelling. It looks like they only have one page of listings for all 5 boroughs, but you can probably check each one in the list out with Google maps to see how close they are to your hotel.
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Best answer: The Lasker Pool in Central Park always looks appealing, though crowded, and it's relatively close to where you'll be staying.

Chelsea Piers has a number of attractions, including a pool.

The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation lists its pools here.
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The Lasker Pool is very crowded, at least on weekends. You would be lucky to get half a meter of elbow room. Other than that, it looks like a decent pool.
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Best answer: New York Magazine did a great Top 10 Pools list a few years ago, all of the pools on the list are open to the public, some for free, others for a fee.

The pools (both in and outdoor) nearest to where you'll be staying that come most recommended are in the Riverbank State Park (SwimmersGuide.com, New York State Parks. You'll need to take the 1 train (or a bus) uptown to 138th, then walk west on 137th till you get to the pedestrian bridge on Riverside Drive. Tickets are $2 a day for adults, maybe $1 or $1.50 for kids.
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Go to Riverbank. Go to Riverbank. Go to Riverbank.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure you need to be an alum to get into the Columbia pool, but Teacher's College (120th St., just north of Columbia) has a pool that is open to everyone.
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