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I need to get a gift and I'm struggling with coming up with an appropriate idea. All suggestions appreciated.

My nephew (late 20's) had a problem with substance abuse but has done really well in a rehab program and is about to celebrate the anniversary of his first year clean. I'd like to get him something as recognition of that accomplishment and as a token of support for the future.

It can be something he carries with him, or something he can leave on a bookshelf. I'd like it to be meaningful, but not overly maudlin. Any ideas?
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People often make a gift of jewelry when someone's hit a sobriety milestone. For men, I've seen rings similar to college signet rings with a gem or marking symbolizing the number of years. One of my friends was a methamphetamine addict and has a charm bracelet. Her dad adds a charm for every year that she's sober; all have a special meaning in their relationship.
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A good gift for a guy is a bb gun. I realize that has nothing to do with substance abuse but you said all suggestions appreciated. Unless the guy is already a gun freak a bb gun is lots of fun. I'm not being sarcastic; I've given bb guns tons of times and they're always a big hit.
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'sobriety jewelery' is generally given by people who are also sober - it might be akward to recieve it from someone not sober - customs vary by local tradition.

Honestly, the fantastic thing for your nephew will be that you appreciate his accomplishments, love him and want him in your life. If you live near him perhaps you can offer to go do something with him that you would both enjoy - a meal for instance, and tell him how much it means to you that he has displayed such courage and worked for his sobriety.

Otherwise, a letter telling him how you feel about his accomplishments along with a continued pledge of support would make him feel great.

Also, I'm not sure how normal people are, but sober people love cash and gift certificates to go blow with wild abandon. We're crazy like that.
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Forgot to add, BB gun= poor taste for someone celebrating a sober anniversay. Sorry Wayman. I'd love one though, if anyone's feeling particularly generous.
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A nice compass, esp if he's outdoorsy. If he's a city boy, maybe a small one on a keychain he can carry with him?

You can give it with as much or as little explicit talk about the symbolism as seems appropriate.
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Red Envelope has a nice selection of gifts (in the Brookstone vein), although you might want to avoid the bar hardware.

[brought to mind by LobsterMitten's comment - they have a very nice monogrammeable compass.]
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone especially gregarious as I am a bit concerned about getting something "inappropriate". All good ideas, but I may wait on the BB gun for another occasion ;-) .
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Often, when people look to get rid of one habit, they pick up another. Has your nephew started any hobbies or routines that have helped him get his mind off rehab, and focused him positively? That might be the direction to go for a gift; for instance, if he's taken up cooking, get him a cookbook or sautee pan; biking, a new helmet or map; video games, a new game or controller; tennis, a gift cert. for a racket re-stringing; etc.

If you're stuck on a keychain totem of some kind, get one indicative of the hobby.
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An engraved, fancy keychain or key fob might be appropriate if you want something he can take with him. Or, if he's into body mods or tattoos, maybe you can finance one for him. If he's into that type of thing, he might appreciate getting one to celebrate this anniversary.
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How about a nice moleskine journal? You could write a little something yourself (per gregarious' suggestion) on the first page.
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