Wearing all black to a job interview
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Would it be bad to wear all black to a job interview?

I have 2 job interviews this week. Both are at tech companies doing a techy job. Unfortunately, I had a really bad case of food poisoning over the weekend (the time I had set aside to go buy a nice outfit or two to wear) and now I don't have time to go shopping. What I do have hanging around is nice pair of black pants and a nice black blouse. I think it looks pretty good, but I'm concerned about wearing all black. Is wearing all black a bad idea?
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You're a woman in the tech industry, so I think as long as you look presentable, you can probably get away with a lot. Add a colorful accent (a scarf? a big necklace?) and you'll probably be labeled "charmingly stylish", if anyone notices at all.
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I second muddgirl's sentiments.

Most companies are eagarly seeking women in tech. As long as you are "presentable" I would say you don't have much to worry about.
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I'm under the impression that all-black is considered, at worst, too formal for most job interviews. I seriously doubt that anyone will hold that against you though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the comments. I feel better about wearing that now.
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If you wear a non-black belt or footwear, no one would even notice.
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Maybe things are a little more stylish in the Bay Area (you're in Silicon Valley, right?), but in the Seattle/Puget Sound area, most tech companies don't care to judge your professionalism based on how you dress [I wear a tshirt and jeans to work most days]. I think what matters is that you're comfortable with the professionalism of what you're wearing. If it were me, I'd tone down the all-black outfit with a colorful scarf and/or shoes. I generally don't wear a black skirt/pants with a white shirt because I think it makes me look like a waitperson in a fancy restaurant.
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I think I've worn all black to just about every interview I've had since high school.
And I work in at a tech company, me and half my coworkers dress all in black.

I don't think it would be a big deal at all.
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A nice colorful or even metallic belt would be another option for lightening it up--if you can find/borrow one from somebody.
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Only a bad idea if you have chronic dandruff. If you were a guy in a suit and I was interviewing, I might wonder (to myself) if you'd mistook the interview for a funeral. Not sure why that applies only to guys, though. Anyway, seriously, if you're presentable in black, I wouldn't worry. Most tech professionals have a hard time remembering what job candidates wore 5 mins after the interview anyway, I suspect. Or maybe that's just me. Am I being helpful yet?
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Someone once told me to wear all black to an important meeting with a lawyer. He said the color black demands respect. I tried it, but I'm not sure I got any more respect than I would've otherwise :/
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Unless you're a stagehand, I wouldn't. And probably not even then.
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One concern. Make sure the blacks match. I know that sounds silly, but if you try and wear black cotton pants that have been washed (and faded) with a still blackety-black synthetic shirt (or vice versa) it will look weird and cheesy.
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I don't think it's a big deal either, especially if the pieces fit well and are pressed, and don't drain your face of color.

I don't wear much black any longer. I am one of those annoying followers of Trinny and Susannah of the British series What Not to Wear.
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Don't wear footwear lighter than the outfit (so no colors if you're wearing black!). I'll second the necklace idea.
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What about threading a bright scarf through the belt loops and tying it at your hip as something a little different? It'll break up the pants and blouse if they're slightly different shades of black.
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Once again the coastal culture gap looms. In NYC no one would even think to ask this question, since everyone wears black to everything.
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Goths get jobs all the time.
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He said the color black demands respect.

I heard a strange old German dude ramble about how men wear black at their weddings because they're in charge...
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Do you have nice red heeled shoes? All black with red shoes can look great in that "streamlined but with a dash of colour" kind of way. Either that, or a chunky necklace that has a bit of colour in it. Otherwise, just make sure your black outfit is black and not faded to dark grey, and you should be fine!
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It is all in how you think about it. If you think its ok it will be and if you think its no okay, it won't be.
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