who are these drummers?
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Which band(s) have released a (probably recent) DVD with a long drumming duet on it?

I saw a concert DVD playing in my local Circuit City a few weeks ago. A very long and entertaining drumming duet was featured. I assume the players are either in the same band, or maybe in two bands that toured together. Based on their looks and the fashions of the other musicians on stage (a few guitarists and a bassist, I think), I'm guessing these guys are part of the current hard rock/metal scene that I'm no longer on top of (I was an anthrax/maiden kid back in the 80s). Who are these guys? The arena they played in looked big and full of fans, so I'll guess they're popular and I'm just an out of touch old fogey at 35 years old. I'm also a bass player who loves reading Modern Drummer (best music mag in my opinion), and I don't recall reading anything about this DVD. Thanks!
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Response by poster: definitely not KC's B'Boom (although I appreciate the answer), I have that DVD. It's also not anything by Genesis, Allman Brothers Band, or the Grateful Dead, just to short circuit any guesses of dual drummer bands that I'm familiar with. I'm not sure this mystery band would be classified as "progressive" or not, since I'm admittedly out of touch. They look like they're in their 20s-early 30s and at a recent show, which rules out Bill + Pat and Phil + Chester and the like...
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My guess is LIARS, who recently put out a great CD/DVD release called Drum's Not Dead. Like everything they've done, it's brilliant.
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Just to be clear, the release is a CD and a DVD, not dvd video on a cd.
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Response by poster: LIARS looks close, but I don't think it's right. More info...

The drumsets for both drummers during this portion of the show were set up at the front of the stage, facing each other so the drummers were looking at each other instead of at the audience (like how the drummer from Stryper used to set up). It didn't appear like this was how the entire show went, but maybe just this section of the show. The guitar players were playing fast metal riffs that went with the drums, but the drums were definitely the feature of this part of the show. It was a big arena sized stage, so I assume this group (or groups) were on a large popular tour.
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The drumsets for both drummers during this portion of the show were set up at the front of the stage,

Like this? (wmv)
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Call the store and ask? They'd be happy to sell you a copy.
I can't help thinking about 40 Year Old Virgin and the endlessly playing Michael McDonald DVD.
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Response by poster: dobbs: much bigger crowd at the show, definitely a professional shot concert, and indoors. I'm remembering some tattoos and dark clothing as well... :)

The next time I'm in that store I'll see if I can find the A/V dude who helped me, he seemed young and hip and helpful.
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Alright, I'll let it drop but I still think I'm right. ;)

FYI, that clip I linked is just a smidgen of the DVD, which presents the whole album 3 times from 3 diff filmmakers--all venues, indoors and out, sold out shows and near-empty gigs, dark clothing, light clothing, hell, they're even wearing dresses in some of the footage. I dunno about tattoos though. Heh.

When you find out, pls let me know.
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I think I remember ministry in this video having two drummers and I think they played a few extended solos. Long shot, but who knows.
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Tool has released some DVDs. I'm not a fan, but, from what little I know about them, it seems like they dress like hard rock/metal musicians, and the two-drummers thing seems within the realm of possibility.
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I'm not a fan of Tool either, but their last album was released in a ltd edition set with DVD.
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Well, Tool and Meshuggah toured together a few years ago and featued a pretty long and heavy percussion solo in the show. But it wasn't really a duet (think 4 people were involved). No DVD of it as well,afaik.
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Best answer: http://www.godsmack.com/ did a drum solo duet when I saw them support Metallica a few years ago, the drummer and the singer had a kit each.

They've got a few dvds out too. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002NRRBA?v=glance
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Were the kits monsterously big? When Dream Theater and Queensryche toured a few years ago, they did some encore stuff with both bands, including dueling drum solos.

Queensryche's got a DVD from 2004 called Art of Live that includes a "Won't Get Fooled Again" cover with both bands.
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Response by poster: Chrispy108 wins, it is indeed Godsmack. This also answers another nagging memory of mine, as I also saw the Metallica/Godsmack tour, but wasn't sure if I remembered a dual drum solo at that show or not, and there was very little chance I'd come up with Godsmack as the opening band.

I found a clip of the "drum battle" video, linked below, from their DVD "changes". Thanks everyone!

Sully Erna artist page at Yamaha Drums, includes link to drum battle video
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Response by poster: Holy cow, I need, to stop, using commas, so early, in the morning.
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