Help me feed some vegetarians.
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Anyone in the DC/MD/VA area - please tell me where I can purchase soy chorizo/"soyrizo".

I know it can be had online, but I need a local-ish source. I've been to MOM, the Common Market, a couple of Whole Foods stores, Balducci's. Can anyone help me out?

I drive I270 to Bethesda, and ersatzjef works at Dulles, so any NoVa, DC, or suburban MD source would work for us.
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I'm in the same area, and I've had good success asking Whole Foods to special order items for me (and they don't require purchasing a huge quantity). If no one else has a better idea, it might be worth asking them to order some for you or to stock it.
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I think that Balducci's would probably special order this for you, considering that most of their clients are rich assholes who are used to getting exactly what they want.
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You may want to try Wegmans. There's a location in Dulles, just off of route 28.
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Wegmans is better for ethnic food then vegetarian specialty items, but I know there is a rich asshole market on M street in Georgetown that might be able to help you.
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i'd sooner special order from Whole Foods than put myself at the mercy of Dean & Deluca.
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Do you have a Wal-Mart supercenter around? They sell it there (in New England, anyway). I feel dirty saying this, but we will stop at one specifically to get it because it's the only place I can find it.
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I think there's a Trader Joes somewhere around.
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I've bought soyrizo in the Weis Market in the Corridor Marketplace in Laurel, MD (right off the B-W Parkway). It's in the produce section.
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Recado Rojo (Red Achiote Paste) provides most of the distinctive chorizo taste you're after and you can buy it or make it yourself.

Recipe is here or if you just want to buy it look for packets in your local Mexican/Hispanic grocery store that look like this.
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Response by poster: Mayor Curley - the first place I ever saw it was at a Wal-Mart SuperCenter. ersatzjef was all "Bad ass! They've got soyrizo!" and we bought some and I liked it. He had only run across it before very randomly. The W-M SCs seem to have stopped carrying it, at least around here.

yellowcandy - we have Weis markets around, I'll try one of the bigger ones.
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There's a Trader Joe's on Baron Cameron in Reston, as well as a million others in the area.

Someplace in the Takoma Park area might have it. Or how about Harris Teeter?
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They carry it at the Harris Teeter in Reston-- picked it up, looked it over, and didn't buy it last week.
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