Help me fix-up my Mustang Cobra.
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Tell me what I should be doing to fix-up my inherited 1994 Mustang Cobra.

It runs quite well to have 184,000 miles on it, but does have some problems (leaks oil, ABS light is on, rips in seats, etc.). I know very little about car maintenance, but I was wondering if I could do anything (prefereably inexspensive) useful to it anyway.

Pictures Here
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Response by poster: also if anyone could tell me how to keep wasps from trying to nest in its door hinges, that would be greatly appreciated
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I was wondering if I could do anything (prefereably inexspensive) useful to it

Sure. You can use it as the most wonderful educational tool you'll ever see.

Buy a Chilton/Hayes manual and start diagnosing/fixing stuff. Start out with the easy stuff first (spark plugs, oil change) and work your wan up to the more difficult stuff (new timing belt, new brakes, etc.)
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well, it certainly looks like the engine could use a cleaning.

get a good crud-cutting cleaner (people swear by simple green, but i find it worthless - lots of parts stores sell engine bay cleaners of various kinds, so you might experimentate.

seal off any boxes in the engine bay that contain anything electrical, like computers, fuse boxes, etc; as well as electrical connections. disconnect the battery and take it out. soak the inside of the engine bay with cleaner, avoiding said electrical stuff as well as things like air intakes etc.

let sit for a half hour, hose down with low pressure water.

then, do what c_d says. start easy and work your way up. also there are fucktons of mustang sites out there on the web with all kinds of technical writeups, common problems and repair guides.
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I like the idea of cleaning it up, start with a wash, wax, detail, engine cleaning. Then change the oil, plugs, spark plug wires and possibly air and fuel cleaners. A radiator flush, and changing the brake fluid would likely follow followed by the more serious stuff. Ask a family member for help...
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