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I just updated Firefox for Mac OSX. Now my default player is now quicktime. Even when I launch a RealPlayer movie it opens QuickTime and plays nothing. I want it to be RealPlayer. Any suggestions?
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Tools/Options/Downloads/View & Edit Actions

This is from a PC perspective, your Mac may vary.
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Open Preferences (from Firefox menu) and go to the Downloads tab. Click "View & Edit Actions" at the bottom and scroll down to RAM in the extensions list. Double-click and choose "Open them with this application", and use the "Browse" button to select RealPlayer. Hope that's it.
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If not, try opening RealPlayer then Preferences->Media Types (button on far right of Prefs window) and twiddle the options there?
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That 'View & Edit Actions...' panel is almost worthless on OSX. It only lists types associated with plugins and a few seemingly random others, and there's no way to manually add new ones.

If you're having problems with the wrong application opening files, it's almost surely your system settings. While edd's advice will probably help you out in this case, allow me to pimp the excellent RCDefaultApp preference pane. It lets you see and set all your application launching settings are for all extensions (what FireFox uses for launching), mime type and URL schemes. And it's free.
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