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What movie features a main character singing "Everyone's Gone to the Moon"??

I recently heard Jonathan King's "Everyone's Gone to the Moon". I remember that some character in some movie or tv show or something sang that same song very solemnly, or happily? I don't remember much! Help MeFites!
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You're not thinking of the game Final Fantasy IV are you?
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Could it have been The Muppet Show? I have a very blurry mermory of Nina Simone singing a heartbreaking version of this song with all the muppets around her floating up into the air and out of sight. I might be totally misremembering, though.
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This is going to drive me crazy........I've long held a very vivid image in my mind whenever the song is played. First off, I want to say it was played in Pleasantville, but a search didn't turn up much. Like towards the end, when the streets were deserted because everyone was inside "losing their innoncence", that song was playing.
But I have a more sinister image in my head since childhood of a creepy block where everyone was all the same, you know, each kind bouncing a ball in perfect sychronicity with every other kind on the block. And while that song plays, those kids are all gone and it's deserted. Could be I remeber that because I was 4 or 5 when I heard that song the first time and I created a scenario from listening to the words.
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Response by poster: The Muppet Show is a definite possibility. I was thinking that I had heard it before in a Kermit-ish voice.

Iamtherealme: Yeah, wikipedia's entry on Jonathan King doesn't even mention his musical history until halfway down the page.
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Iamtherealme - it sounds like you are describing a scene from one of my favorite childhood books, A Wrinkle in Time. It was made into a movie for television in 2003, so maybe that is where you heard the music? IMDB does not give any soundtrack info for the movie, unfortunately.
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I absolutely love that book, and the whole series. I never saw the movie, but it's possible that the song fit so well, and I have a vivid imagination, that I heard it there while reading the book. I forgot about the movie - I have to check that out now. Thanks.
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For what it's worth, Nina Simone's version is decidedly Kermitty. It sounds like she's singing through a balloon animal. It's fantastic.
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