Know of any good journals?
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Does anyone know of good blank writing journal (moleskine-esque) companies? PLEASE HELP

I was wondering if any one of you knew of any unique journal companies (other than the ones shown on google's sponsored links for journals) that make journals with these criteria:

- hardcover
- unlined
- lies flat (!!!)
- comes in various colors and designs
- similar to moleskine in form and function, but... isn't.

i know this is very specific, but any sort of help would be super!
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Check out KK's Cool Tools.
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I see nothing on KK's site that fits the bill...

"... but isn't..."

Could you clarify why not moleskine? Is it because they're only black? Is it their price? Also, what do you mean by "various designs"--sizes or funky covers or what?
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I am in love with my Circa, from Levenger. Lies flat, comes in notebook and 8x11 full size, but the genius of it is, the pages slide in and out so you can rearrange your notes. You can buy circa hole punches as well, so that you can pick the paper you want as your refill and punch it to work.

I am addicted to this notebook, and probably going to shell out for the leather cover and make it official. Right now i have the translucent cover. I have seen people personalize these by gift wrapping a circa-punched piece of cardboard. Because people who love circas, they tend to REALLY love them. :)
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There's moleskine look-a-likes that would meet your criteria at most bigger bookstores, many don't have brand names per se though.
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Ninthwavedesigns has the reporters style that opens at the top instead of the side and may foot your bill.
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I got some wonderful journals from Ex Libris Anonymous, who were boing-boinged around the holiday season last year. Great product, and nice people.
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It's not hardcover, but I have numerous Miquelrius notebooks which are great. And it looks like they have the blank version in stock now. I get mine at a college bookstore in MA.
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Canson field journals! I find them regularly at Barnes & Noble, and they are said to be available at Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics, although at many of the latter, the company's sketchbooks are all that is available.

Far better than Moleskine, in my opinion, because -
1. They do in fact lay flat, with the large-caliber spiral binding.
2. You can slip a thin pen into the binding.
3. You can pronounce it.
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Kate's Paperie in NYC (online here has numerous fine journals like ciak, miquelrius and others.
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The reasonably priced Rite in the Rain notebooks are hardcovered (plastic), come in a variety of line/unlined combos, lie flat, fit in your pocket and the best part... they're water (and coffee!) proof.

The hip pocket is my favorite size, wider than a Moleskine, but still fits in my back pocket.
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I have heard some raves about the Black and Red notebooks, which I believe you can buy at Office Depot.
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