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Need ideas for a fun/romantic weekend getaway for two this coming weekend (Jul 15/16). Preferably within 2-3 hours from Manhattan (New York).

It's our 13th wedding anniversary and we have had a bit of a rough time the last couple of years (family deaths and illnesses, career change, etc..), so I'd like to make this as special as possible. Normally we would never even have the opportunity to get away (unfortunately we lack a support system to be able to leave our kids with family or friends), but the stars have aligned and we have the chance, this weekend.

I searched AskMefi Q's and was only able to find this thread, but really wasn't taken by any of the suggestions.

So far I'm leaning towards a B&B down in Cape May, NJ, only because we stayed at one about ten years ago and really enjoyed it. I was also looking around at local wineries, but am having a difficult time gauging from the websites one that has enough stuff going on to hold our interest for two days.

Cheap is good, but not a requirement.

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If you like art galleries and antiques try Lambertville NJ/New Hope PA (2 hours tops from NYC.) Good price range of items, Lambertville is a beautiful town on the Delaware river and New Hope is it's sister across the bridge. New Hope has more modern fare shopping, crafts, hippy new age. Both towns have good retuarants and B&Bs all over the place.

Cape May very good choice but always crowded, not to mention the weekend traffic battle past Atlantic City and into town on one little road.

If you are into hiking, Mohonk Mountain "resort" (or whatever it is) west of New Paltz NY (1+ hour up Thruway) is really pretty.

If you want wine country, dining, relaxed scenery etc, a nice ride my wife and I love is out to the wineries on the North Fork of LI, and then continue right out to the end of the fork at Orient Point and take the car/ferry to CN and onto to the CN and RI coastal towns.

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It's back open for bizness: Atlantic City!!
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See if they have rooms available at Kate's Lazy Meadow in the Catskills!! www.lazymeadow.com It's sooo cool...everything is 50s style. And it's near rafting, horseback riding, mountain hiking. I was just there. LOVE it! It's very quiet there. Hot tub and fire pit. Full kitchen/barware. Tons of movies in the rooms. Dozens and dozens, if not hundreds. You can even rent your own silver trailerhome.
Would love to hear about your experience if you go.
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There is a B&B in Cold Spring about 40 miles up the Hudson from Manhatten just north of the Bear Mtn bridge that is very nice. Although the name escapes me, it has the word pig in it oddly enough. Cold spring has lots of hiking, kayacking, antique stores, nice restaurants and cold beer. It would be a great weekend.
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Forgot to mention. Kate's Lazy Meadows is owned by Kate from the B52s.
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I think it's the Mohonk Mountain House and it's a hoot - an old-school resort straight out of yesteryear's photo album. I imagine in summer it would be a really nice retreat.
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I think going to Mystic CT is a nice romantic weekend trip. The High Acres B&B is one of my favorites of all time, in an old captain's house in the woods, on a horse farm. Plus there's the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos nearby if you like that sort of thing.
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Kensational - Thanks, am looking at Lambertville and New Hope. And thanks for reminding me about the Cape May traffic (forgot about that bit).

Smartypanties - Hey, that looks awesome! I'm actually digging the Airstream trailer thing...

JohnnyGunn - You had me at 'cold beer'... :-) Actually, a great suggestion, am looking into it. The B&B's name is the Pig Hill Inn. Thanks.

Mikel - Wow, that place is pricey (rooms start @ $415 a night), but looks entirely awesome.

Np312 - That looks interesting too, thanks!

Thanks all, will post here with an update once we decide. If anyone else has any ideas, please post them.
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I might add that Cold Spring is accessable by train from Grand Central Station.
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We did a weekend in the Berkshires over Memorial Day weekend in 2004, at the Egremont Inn. If you'd like to spend a weekend hiking, eating and generally lazing about, it's really nice. It looks like the BSO is also in the area next weekend. I brought a picnic dinner to one of their shows in Lenox a few years ago, and it's a great way to spend a summer evening.

That area is about 3 hours from NYC.
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The Twin Gables B&B in Woodstock, NY is quite nice and affordable. There's some decent dining in the area as well as hiking, art galleries, a nice bookstore, etc. (Trustafarians and drum circles are easily avoided if those things bug you.)
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The wife and I went to www.mohonk.com a weekend or so ago.

VERY EXPENSIVE. But, we didn't stay at the hotel. We paid $50 for the brunch (very good) on Sunday and then allows you to get to the resort and hike and canoe for free.

Tripadvisor.com has some accurate reviews.

It was very beautiful and we later had dinner in New Paltz.

For the price, it was perfect. I'm not sure I'd have wanted to stay at the resort at their prices though. Good luck! And, it was only about a 1.5 hours from the city.
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