MT CrossPost is making me cross
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Can someone help me with the Movable Type CrossBlog plugin? I've installed this, and also the related HighWater plugin. But I can't get CrossBlog to work.

I'm working with a friend who has two NSFW blogs. Because of the content, I prefer not to post links here. He now wants to focus all his postings on one one the blogs, and also have those automatically appear on the other. CrossBlog appears to be a likely solution.

I've installed HighWater for him, and it works fine. But I can't figure out where to implement CrossBlog.

The "usage example" says:

Usage example:

">< $mtentrytitle$>:

...but it doesn't say where to put this code.

I've put in the in Main Index Template, and it added an excerpt to each post. No good.

I created a new template for it, and nothing happened. What template should it go in? What am I missing?
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Response by poster: OK, the CODE tag didn't work with this, even with the < and the > and even though it looked ok on preview. You can see the invocation code here.
posted by Robert Angelo at 6:21 PM on July 7, 2006

Do the two blogs exist on the same installation? If so, try "otherblog". I don't know if it's still being updated, but if it isn't, I can rummage up an old version. If you check my personal site, you can see it in action on my sidebar. But this only works if both blogs are on the same MT installation.
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Response by poster: They are on the same MT installation. I looked for it, and the search at SixApart takes me here. The download link is proken. If you can rummage up an old version, please let me know. You can reach me at bob at
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Best answer: Robert, I think this is the official OtherBlog plugin page. It hasn't been updated in three years, which was about when I downloaded it. The file is still there, as are some instructions. Give it a shot. I can't remember exactly how it works, but I remember it wasn't too difficult. And it was handy. I'd be lost without my sidebar...
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Response by poster: Thank you! I'll give it a shot.
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Best answer: MultiBlog is the official successor to these, i believe, and works very effectively. I'd recommend it above the other alternatives.
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Response by poster: MultiBlog. Thank you, I'll check that one out, too. It does appear more fully developed and documented.
posted by Robert Angelo at 2:59 PM on July 9, 2006

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