How to find a hosting solution for a complex setup?
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I need help finding a hosting solution that will allow for a combination of PHP and ColdFusion, allow me to use a Google Mini we purchased and be able to connect to our members database securely. Any ideas?

Currently our website resides on a co-located server and managed by our IT department, who really don't know anything about hosting. I suggested switching to a hosting provider where we wouldn't have to maintain the server and everything we need would be pre-installed. There's a few complications though.

1) We need to be able to use both PHP and ColdFusion. (Our third-party member portal uses CF. The rest of the new site is done in PHP.)

2) The member portal needs to connect securely (currently via VPN) to our member database which is housed here at the office. (Would it be easier to maintain the existing box/setup and redirect the website to it somehow?)

3) We purchased a Google Mini and need to be able to use it with the new hosting solution.

I know a lot about making web sites but admittedly not much about administering a web server. All of the sites I've done in the past have been simple sites where shared hosting was adequate but this is a whole different beast. Is this something that's even possible? And does anyone have any recommendations for a hosting company that could accomodate this? Thanks!
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There is a company that we went through called tank, they provide custom solutions for hosting providers. They prolly could provide a solution, but you might also need a developer for some things. try
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Crystaltech offers a shared plan that includes both PHP and CF. I have a few sites on their shared ASP boxes and they've been very reliable.

I'm not sure about the ability to connect back to a remote database. You might give them a call to see if they can help you there. I can only imagine there will be some performance issues even if you have a fairly fast connection. If your database isn't updated frequently you might consider pushing a copy of it up to the host on a scheduled basis rather than having a live connection back to your office.
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