Time to get a watch, in Austin
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I'm looking for a wristwatch in Austin.

I went to Barton Creek, but the jewelry stores there didn't really have anything. I'm from Houston and there are some wonderful stores to shop there, but I've come up dry in Austin. I'm looking for a Heuer or an Omega.

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I don't know if the buying is a large part of the experience for you or not (versus actually owning the watch), but last time I checked Costco carried both Tags and Omegas.

I can't seem to find any on their website right now, though, but a few months ago I saw a Vacheron there.
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If you're willing to go to San Marcos there is a Movado factory outlet there. Of course they won't sell Heuers or Omegas, but if that wasn't essential I think you can get some deals there.
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I had a bad experience with Bob Larson's shop a couple of years ago (they completely lost a watch I gave them for repair, taking months to admit to it).
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Those brands should be carried by most mainstream jewelry stores. But you can save a good amount by buying online. I've had good luck with Prestige Time. I've purchased two watches through them (one of which wasn't listed on their site, but they found it for me) and have had no problems. I've sent both in to the manufacturers' US offices for service and the warranties were honored without hesitation.
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I bought a nice, new Revue Thommen chronograph from an online shop called Bernard Watch. They happen to be in Austin, but I don't know if they have a walk-in store.
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You could also try World Watches online. I bought a Movado from them about 5 years ago that I'm still wearing and saved about 50% off the retail price. From a quick browse, their selection of Tag Heuers appears to be better than their Omegas.

I've been contemplating getting a Longines Dolce Vita with the bling off and on for a couple years now but can't quite justify spending that much on something I'd wear only occasionally. Maybe for my next birthday....?
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Have you gone to Russell Korman? It is at 38th and Lamar.
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