How to see Conan O' Brien.
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Does anyone know what my chances are of getting into a Conan O'Brien taping with only standby tickets?

I wasn't able to get regular tickets so I'm thinking of doing the standby thing. Will it help if I get there early? Is standby taking a big chance? If it matters there will be two of us for a taping on a friday. Thanks.
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Hmmm. Back in the day, I was under orders from my sister to stand in front of the "Today Show" studios -- bah!

While there, an NBC page practically begged me to take some Conan O'Brien tickets -- unfortunately, I had another engagement that night.

This was long ago -- I don't know if pages are still doing that near 30 Rock. Maybe worth your while to try it, though.
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About 10 years (and I can't believe it was that long ago), one of my friends and I got into a Conan O'Brien taping with standby tickets. We did get there pretty early, and that was 10 years ago, so YMMV.
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I did this last year, and I reckon more than half the people with standby tickets got in. The key is to get there early to stand in line for the standby tickets. We showed up about an hour before the appointed time and there were already people lined up. They'll give you instructions from there.
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AFAIK Conan is a standby-only gig. You get there in the morning and wait in line for a standby ticket - then you come back later and hope to get in.

This was in mid-2001 though so YMMV.

This page may help
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