Windows XP DEP error
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when i log on to windows xp i keep receiving an error message that reads as follows : Data Execution Prevention

when i log on to windows xp i keep recieving an erro message that reads as follows : Data Execution Prevention. it says the affected program is windows explorer and it causes my desktop to refresh. immeadiately after i close then window another one pops up. help?
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Some information on Data Execution Prevention here.

Basically, this is a hardware or software based anti-virus functionality. If you have an Athlon 64, it may be that your processor is blocking explorer due to a viral infection.
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It might not need to be a virus, it could be any explorer add on that was not written to work with data execution.

If explorer is causing the problem it's probably trying to load a 3rd party DLL (like a shell extension) that has that error, or it could simply be corrupted.
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Or, it's not C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE that's getting executed but C:\EXPLORER.EXE. Windows will actually look there first, and run it instead of the file in WINDOWS\ if it exists.

Of course you'll have to boot to the recovery console, command-line safe mode, or with a rescue CD to see if this is the case.
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Verify the size of your C:\Windows\explorer.exe file. (Mine is 1,008KB on a Win XP SP2 install.
Then launch the system properties window. (Windows key + Pause, or Start -> Control Panel -> System)

Click the Advanced tab.

Click the top Settings button.

Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.

Select the second option, and add c:\windows\explorer.exe

Run a comprehensive virus scanning program. I had a problem with a broken copy of windows doing this DEP thing and ended up needing to reinstall XP.
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