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yellowstone accomodations - any suggestions for an especially cool, rustic, funky, fun, offbeat, and or vintage accomodations in or around yellowstone national park- thinking small old funky lodge type place?

not the big typical resort type places...
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Have dinner at the big old funky lodge type place - Old Faithful Inn. They have a sign with Old Faithful's predicted eruption time. Go out and see old Faithful do it by moonlight. Gorgeous.
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Its true, the Old Faithful Inn just about fits your specs- "old funky lodge type place". Stayed there years ago, got lucky w/ a cancellation (they tend to be booked). Was noisy on your list too? You are in luck. It was worth it.
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I liked the Old Faithful Inn, too, right in the heart of things. It's both vintage and popular. Stay in the old part of the Inn. We were there in August, and on Aug. 25 they celebrated Christmas in August!, with a tree, Xmas decor, etc. ... And it snowed! The mid-range room was perfectly adequate and is still pretty inexpensive ($109/night). You can see what the lodge, rooms, and restaurant look like if you click "See More Photos" on this page.

Another place I liked was Flagg Ranch in the Tetons, up the road a piece from Jackson Hole. I notice on its website it calls itself a resort now, but it certainly wasn't resort-like in 1992, when we were there. Accommodations are rustic-looking but nice cabins, with bathrooms. You can also camp (tent or RV) there. It was off the beaten path a bit (away from Jackson Hole), which is one thing I liked about it. There's a little grocery store there, too. (I see that the price has really climbed in 14 years! -- $157/night) It's got a fabulous view of the Tetons.

Have a great trip -- Yellowstone is otherworldly!
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Have you checked into Jackson, Wyoming? I stayed at a resort there, so I can't offer a specific recommendation, but maybe you can find something via their Chamber of Commerce site.
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We stayed here on our honeymoon. Amazing view, 1 hour away from the yellow stone entrance. Make sure you have a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to them, though...

This was very near Dubois, WY. Apparently, building and renting out cabins is a big business. I would also recommend contacting the Chamber of Commerce there.

In the actual park, I would highly recommend the actual Lake Yellowstone Hotel... reminded me of The Shining. No TVs in the rooms, and there is this huge common area, kinda like a ballroom, with hugh windows over looking the lake. People congregrate there, and we had a great time talking with people, drinking wine (they come around and serve you), playing cards, reading, listening to the live piano player, and just hanging out in a very laid-back social enviroment.

Feels like you travel back in time about 40 years. Not rustric, so the speak, but definately a throw back.
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I second Flagg Ranch. Maybe something in Gardiner, like the Absaroka Lodge?
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