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In the late 80s there was a Pinarello Bicycles ad that was a horizontal banner at the top of the page in Bicycling magazine. It was a long distance shot of a single cyclist riding over some rolling hills, and the text said: "Pinarello...Alone." I loved it. I'm pretty sure it was produced as a poster as well, and I'd love to find it.

So far, all I can find are Pinarello posters with Miguel Indurain on them, which are awesome, but not what I'm looking for at all. Of course, searching for "vintage bike poster" brings up all of the 19th century advertising posters that are so colorful but so not Pinarello.

Any suggestions?
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Contact the company direct.
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I was looking for an older bicycle poster of late 80's vintage from Bridgestone ("A horse of a different color", in illustration style rather than photography--beautiful!) and found it through a company in Long Island, Bicycle Posters and Prints. They have many more posters available than are on their website; either ask them directly or ask for their back catalogs. Good luck!
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Response by poster: I haven't contacted Pinarello yet, but the Poster company didn't have it. Good suggestion, though.
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