Where to eat and drink in downtown Toronto?
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Can you recommend an upscale restaurant and a nice bar in downtown Toronto?

I'm getting married in August at City Hall in Toronto. Afterwards, we'd like to take a few friends (we will be 5 in total) out for dinner and then drinks.

We will be all dressed up, so we're looking for something classy. Money isn't really an object.

We're not into seafood. Other than that, anything goes.

The bar should be quiet enough to have a conversation. A dance floor would be good, but it's not critical. An excellent beer selection would be a major plus.
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Although I have never had a meal there, Canoe is pretty neat. It's on the 54th floor of the TD building so you have a nice view of the harbourfront.

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Canoe? Top of the TD Centre, very fine food. No dancing that I know of. Much, much classier than the CN Tower if you're worried.
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I'll leave the bar to someone else although I really like C'Est What if it has to be downtown. Not dressy though.

For the restaurant, definitely check out Focaccia, which is one of Toronto's hidden treasures. I've never had a bad meal or a less than entertaining time there, due to the terrific and friendly service. It's simultaneously intimate, high quality, and laid back.
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Damn! Damndamndamn! Oh, yes, and congratulations.

and damn you mutantdisco!
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You dont mention the type of food that you're into. Harbour 60 is (IMO) the best steak restaurant in the city - its located right by the ACC. Nice enough bar. Very classy. No dancing.

If Italian's your thing, then I've had a nice dinner at Verona at King+Peter.

C'est What has already been mentioned for the drinks aspect. Also nice (and in the area) are the Esplanade Bier Markt (very large beer selection, much of it import - on the Esplanade, right around the corner from C'est What), and I've been told that Beer Bistro (Yonge and King, IIRC) is also quite nice.

All three drink places will be oh.. 10-15 minute walk from Harbour 60, depending on how stuffed you are.
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The best meal I've had in Toronto was at Bellini's. The best steak was at Tom Jones.
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You could try Susur on King West. Have the tasting menu (~$150pp, if memory serves), and I'm sure he'd go above and beyond if you mentioned it was a wedding dinner.

I've also heard phenomenal things about Perigee, in the Distillery District.
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Strong recommendation here for the Bymark, right downtown.
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I would stay away from the Esplanade Bier Markt if it's a weekend night, it would be full of drunken youngins and it's the type of place that likes to make you wait outside for 30 minutes even though it's empty. I've also heard good things about the Beer Bistro.
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Thirding Canoe which, as already mentioned above, has a fantastic view of the city. The food's great, as are their drinks.

Perigee's tasting menu is indeed phenomenal, but the main thing about Perigee is the experience of sitting around the kitchen and being able to see how your meal is being prepared and the chance to ask questions of the chefs--definitely the priciest option if you go with the full tasting menu with matched wines, but worth every penny.

If you like Italian, I would highly recommend Mistura. Their beet risotto is amazing.
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Thuet is beside Susur and is supposed to be quite good as well. But I would choose Canoe or Susur above Thuet.

(This coming from a guy who can barely afford to eat at Mandarin - which is also a good choice if you're really hungry after the wedding)
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Another vote for Susur Lee.

And yes, unSane's suggestion of Focaccia is a good one. Great place.

Mildred Pierce is also nice but I haven't been in 12 or 13 years or so. Not sure what it's like these days.
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Le Papillion
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sorry-- that should be Le Papillon
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oh and here's the website:

it has the perfect combo of everything you're searching for plus the food is rated tops every year.
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La Biftheque serves fantastic steaks of all varieties. It is pricey (I dropped $100 on two people, eating modestly), but the food is fantastic. I thought I'd understood "steak that melts in your mouth" before, but this is the first place I'd ever actually experienced it.

Not to mention, they bring out these little bowls of freshly-baked croutons to the table that are almost as good as the beef itself. You'll often see people coming out with little paper bags in addition to their takeout. This is because they bought extra, fresh croutons for later.
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If it were me, I'd go to the new Le Select Bistro. It's a nice atmosphere, and the food is quite good, except maybe the salads. If you can afford Canoe, that would be great. The other classic places are North of 40 and the Granite club. If you are real foodies though, I hear Canoe is fantanstic and I hear the staff is very nice.

I kind of like a little grit. Amuse Bouche has the prettiest dinning room in the city, as far as I am concerned, but I really like the feel of Le Select.

Congratulations. I am sure it will be a fun night regardless of where you choose. Good Luck
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P.S. Tom Jones has extra cool points from me. Very hip in an unhip kind of way.
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gesamtkunstwerk, I think you meant North 44.

Amuse Bouche is also an excellent suggestion--the food is yum and the space is rather intimate with its persimmon-coloured walls.
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Go to The Fifth - it's consistently rated as one of the top restaurants in the city, and its got a fabulous sister-club below it. (Along similar good fancyshmancy restaurant/attached bar kinda lines, there's also the Courthouse, "the spot for an occasion", according to Toronto Life magazine.) Or Susur is somewhere I've always wanted to go - but its too expensive for me!
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Sursur is way too pretentious--even by New York standards. Fourthing Canoe--wonderful local ingredients.
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I'm a fan of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

But the restaurants suggested are probably better, I don't have much experience with fancy places :)
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I third the recommendation for Beer Bistro. It is awesome in that it has great atmosphere (2 story ceiling), reasonably priced beer, and excellent variety of food (appropriately priced). They have a dining area as well as a bar area.
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