Recovery CD for HP 750N?
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Anyone know a reputable location to get a recovery CD for an HP Pavilion 750n - or if such a thing even exists?

Apparently my parents' computer crashed, and they can't get to the backup partition (HP didn't ship recovery CDs with that model, they just stuck the data in another partition). I'm not in the same area they are, so I can't diagnose myself. They're looking for a recovery CD for that model that lets them enter their XP license info, etc if such a thing exists.

I can see some generic HP recovery CDs on ebay, but the pages don't exactly inspire confidence that the CDs won't be full of spyware and aren't exactly clear on licensing issues.
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Try calling HP.

My dell has the same thing, and last time I called the tech for problems, he had he hit an undocumented key on boot which loaded its own util to restore the factory image.
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You can order them directly from HP. Here's their "How to order recovery discs" page.
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email HP. I emailed them when my HP crashed and they FedExed me a copy over night. The warranty was even expired. they were very cool about it.
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