Where can I find a cartoon illustrators forum?
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Looking for forum or community for people who, for want of a better term, do illustrations (of mainly cartoony type things a la Pictoplasma, www.zeloot.nl, Los Logos, etc) in Adobe Illustrator or similar.

I have an interest in the subject and would like to get into it more but have a lack of knowledge of how these works of art are produced and would love to find a user forum where people like me could participate and learn from more advanced illustrators.
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Illustrator World used to be really great and then it crashed. Looks like it's back up and running now. Poke around there, I would imagine it would have links to other sites as well.
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Drawn! is a great blog with lots of fantastic, inspiring links.

Vektor Junkie is a free downloadable magazine.

GFX Artist and Deviant Art are both excellent and cover a wide range of disciplines.

Phirebrush, Post Forum, Pluginz, Z Brush are also very helpful. (ZBrush isn't really vector-ish, it's more like Corel Painter, but the forum is excellent and full of talented and knowledgeable people.
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Thanks matey, i'm especially loving Drawn! and am checking out the rest as we speak.

I've already spent quite a long time in the Zbrush forums and am super impressed at what those guys come up with...

Thanks again guys!
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