russian drawings from films
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I found this page of Russian illustrations from films via Kottke this morning, and am curious if anyone can help identify the films. Some are obvious (The Terminator, Spiderman, LOTR, The Matrix) others less so...
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Response by poster: I also recognize Harry Potter & War of the Worlds in there, the others I have yet to ID...
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Guy with one hand and flaming sword - Star Wars?
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Response by poster: hmmm... possibly. So that's chewbacca serving him a pickle on a plate next to the holy grail?
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I think it's Terminator 2, actually — notice the foundry in the background?
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The next-to-last one could be Anaconda.
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We had a discussion about this over on Monkeyfilter some weeks ago; at least two of them are Russian (children's?) films.
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The last one is obviously War of the Worlds.
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This is what I could manage:

1. Pretty sure that's a famous Russian cartoon character/mascot. I can't remember his name except I think it begins with C.
2. Terminator 2
3. The Matrix
4. Lord Of The Rings
5. ???
6. Spiderman
7. The Empire Strikes Back (Chewbacca on the right and R2D2 on the left)
8. Harry Potter
9. ???
10. ???
11. Farenheit 451?
12. Anaconda
13. War Of The Worlds
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9. Blow?? (totally speculating)
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5. reminds me of Lyle the Crocodile, but that wasn't ever made into a movie was it?
Yes it was!
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1 is Cheburashka.
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And the crocodile in 5 is Crocodile Gena.
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I speak Russian, and it's still hard to figure out. But...

1. Cheburashka - Russian cartoon:
2. Terminator
3. Matrix
4. Lord of the Rings
5. Crocodile Gena - another Russian cartoon, Cheburashka's friend, actually:
6. SpiderMan
7. Chewbacca
8. Joker
9. Something about pressing computer keys and having no idea what's going on
10. Guy selling drugs, people refusing because they have beer
11. Fahrenheit 451
12. Anaconda
13. War of the Worlds

I think it may be in Old Church Slavonic. I'm pretty sure it is.
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#9 isn't Mission Impossible, is it?
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#9 with the keyboard, is that a memory stick he's pulling out of his pocket?
He sure looks pimped-out.
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Was having the same issues as nearandfar: a number of the characters used here aren't used in Russian anymore, and yes, they look like cyrillic old Bulgarian (Old Slavonic).
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Does anyone know what the story is behind these?
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I can't translate the drawings, but I tracked down the original artist's gallery and put it on the Blue. Maybe someone with better language skills than ours will notice it there?
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That pimped-out computer dude reminds me of the new Johnny Depp Willy Wonka, but the computer doesn't seem to fit.
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If you translate this page via babelfish to english you get some interesting results. (Meaning phonetic translations of some of the names).
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The Anaconda one looks more like the sequel, Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid.

I hate myself, sometimes.
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